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Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is the Best thing to Happen to Email

If you've used Inbox by Gmail you'll understand why it is the very best.

Facebook Live has a Porn Problem

There should be control on Live videos on Facebook

(UPDATED) Cases, Flipcovers or Skins for the Infinix Hot Note X551

UPDATE: I had written this post before the cases arrived. Well they have. Soon. A case will sell for about Ksh. 600. Looking forward to having...

What’s on my Phone?

Here are all the apps I currently have on my phone.

Why the iPhone is Overrated

We probably won't be in good terms with some iSheep after this post. iPhones are overrated. Apple give you the same thing over and...

Most Kenyans will Sit Back, Relax as Country Chokes on Corruption

It's time to be angry as Kenyans

The Future is Made of Electric Autonomous Cars but Where’s Kenya?

It is 2016 and in some parts of the world people with money have bought the Tesla Model S or the Model X and...

On Tribalism in Kenya; Correct Diagnosis, Wrong Therapy

The author of this essay tries to explain why tribalism, despite all the efforts to end it, doesn't seem to be a monster we can face.

Thoughts on the Year that was: 2016

Thoughts on the Year that was: 2016