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How to Afford the Car you Really Want

f you need a car and you have already picked out a model and all other details, you can choose to start keeping some money aside as you work your way up

Why are there No Contract Phones in Kenya?

Update: There are phones on Contract in Kenya. I now know. I just wish it was done better.  Contract Phones refer to special deals where...

Free Internet Access in Kenya Through Internet.org App

Facebook launched Internet.org a year ago as an initiative, in collaboration with interested Tech Industry players, to bring free internet access to everyone on...

Do you really need a 4K Camera?

2014 is the year of 4K cameras and 4K displays. Every OEM is releasing something to do with 4K. But seriously do you need...

Most Kenyans will Sit Back, Relax as Country Chokes on Corruption

It's time to be angry as Kenyans

Music Will Be Free; On Taylor Swift and Spotify

Taylor Swift caused a stir online when she decided to break up with Spotify and remove all her music from the streaming site. The...

On Tribalism in Kenya; Correct Diagnosis, Wrong Therapy

The author of this essay tries to explain why tribalism, despite all the efforts to end it, doesn't seem to be a monster we can face.
Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is the Best thing to Happen to Email

If you've used Inbox by Gmail you'll understand why it is the very best.

#IO2016: Google has stopped Innovating. Resorts to Copying others.

Most of the announcements from Google IO 2016 show that the company is "borrowing" ideas from other companies.

2nd Safaricom Appwiz Challenge

If you're a developer you probably heard of if not participated in the Appwiz Challenge by Safaricom. If you didn't or probably participated and...