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Thoughts on the Year that was: 2016

Thoughts on the Year that was: 2016

What’s on my Phone?

Here are all the apps I currently have on my phone.

Facebook Live has a Porn Problem

There should be control on Live videos on Facebook
Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is the Best thing to Happen to Email

If you've used Inbox by Gmail you'll understand why it is the very best.

Switching from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox on Android

Which is better on Android: Chrome or Firefox?

Snapchat could be the Future of Social Networking

I used Snapchat for one week, and I think it's the future. Read on to find out why.

General Problems with Cubot Phones

There are some issues you'll have with any Cubot phone you get.

#IO2016: Google has stopped Innovating. Resorts to Copying others.

Most of the announcements from Google IO 2016 show that the company is "borrowing" ideas from other companies.