Just don’t buy Hotwav Phones

For your own good...

I had promised I’d never write about a Hotwav device no matter how good it claimed to be. That was after a friend got one and was totally angry with all the lies about the device. I’m sure some of you have ever thought of buying one of their phones.

But I’ve thought it better to make this post so that it cautions everyone who may be lured to buy these fake devices.

Whether or not Hotwav is a real company I cannot tell. But their reach and “popularity” has been fueled tremendously by online sellers like Kilimall. I have a big concern and problem with the lies that are perpetuated on online e-commerce sites. Especially the reviews and comments section.

Fake Specs:

Yes they run Android. No, the stated version of Android is never necessarily the version of Android you’ll find the device running.

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Yes they have RAM and Storage, but never ever the stated size or amount. A device may be listed as 16GB storage and you’ll find it with either 4GB or 8GB only.

The cameras are all fake. I mean check this Cosmos V13 Review that was submitted to Techish some months ago.

The amazing battery ratings are all a lie. Some devices, like my friend’s can have agreeable battery life while some suffer less than 2hr screen on time.

Crazy cheap:

There’s even a Hotwav device called the Pixel with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage that costs just Ksh. 12,000. Want to bet it has less than 16GB storage?


You can however ignore all the people who’ve complained about the Hotwav phones and get yourself one. Some people are really ripping off people.

8 thoughts on “Just don’t buy Hotwav Phones”

  1. I think we need to create a website that warns Kenyans of this locally available phones that are doing such stuff and listing the culprit phones.We could also try and raise awareness on the inbuilt malware from manufacturers in some of the popular Chinese made phones since some of them are capable of stealing any data from your phone without your knowledge!

  2. Thanks alot for this useful pice of information. it really changed my thoughts about hotwav phones. I was to buy s8 the next two days due to those huge fake specifications and review, i’ll now go to other durable phones. BUT PLEASE CAN SOMEONE TELL ME THE BEST AFFORDABLE SMARTPHONE I CAN GO FOR?

  3. was about to purchase one then i thought on doing some research and came across this…thank you i will go for infinix instead

  4. Am currently using one of their latest device.Hotwav S8.am writing this review with it.I bought it for curiosity and comparison with blueboo Maya s8
    Well the device is almost fine as a chinese clone and can be pleasing to someone who doesn’t know much about technology. Here my candid review
    Hotwav s8 is a mimic of Samsung s8.ofcs the current trend for cheap markets.
    *Design- almost nailed it to Samsung s8 but the infinity display not as curved as Samsung
    *Android-Nougat with all features for edge display-flawless
    *4g and speedy wifi
    *Fingerprint sensor is a quick one!!
    *Iris scanner- was shocked it works perfectly on this phone
    *USB type C
    *battery .not as bad..one day normal usage
    *Display-taunted as HD 1080p.this display is *barely HD.you cannot even play 720p videos on YouTube.the screen look a bit washed out
    *Sound-this phone has just basic sound and a pitch speaker.I guess due to size compression of the phone
    *Memory- taunted 32gb but once you install few apps,the free space diminish from 32gb to around 10gb considering android takes some considerable space.anyway the operation is swift enough though
    *Camera-big flop…the 13mp snapper must be 5mp the front camera is nothing to talk about but sham with no flash.rear flash is also weak
    Well if you thinking to buy this.I’d advice as an alternative not your main phone.
    Techjunkie kenya

  5. I bought mine from Jumia back in March and three mionths down the line I had to change battery. Of course the storage was a sham. and the customer care too.
    It makes me swear and that is how I lost trust with Jumia. I was really a big fan but even after bringing to their attention they brought in more.

    Hotwav is a lie that I may never venture into again. I will just have to back to mainstream

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