How fair is the Plastic Bag Ban in Kenya?

I am not against the plastic bag ban in Kenya. Before it was law, even before it was a bill, I remember there was a petition and I signed it.

This time we traveled to Rwanda and we were amazed at how clean everything was and how serious the government took the plastic ban in the country. I wished then we would do that. And now that we have, I have some questions and concerns:

  1. Why do we have to pay for the cloth bags?
  2. Why should the cost of going green be passed down to the consumer? Shouldn’t it be on the producers?
  3. Does the law totally ban use of, or does it ban distribution of, or does it ban production of plastic bags? Can someone explain this?
  4. Does anyone care that this law seems to be affecting the poor?

I ask myself these and more questions in the video above. Sorry, the audio isn’t so good. But I’m pretty new to speaking in videos…

Waiting for your responses. Share this if you may.

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