Andela has announced they’re recruiting mid and senior level developers in 2019, as part of a new Power of “✗” campaign. This is part of the companies plan to scale its operations and meet growing demand. This comes as more companies seek to enhance their technology teams via distributed workforces.

Since its launch in 2014, Andela has received over 140,000+ applications to it’s Technical Leadership Program and has trained 1,000+ software engineers, who have worked with global companies including Safaricom, Invision, Viacom, and Skillshare. Andela now accepts applications from experienced software engineers who are proficient in Ruby, Javascript (React, Node, ES6+, Angular), Python (Django or Flask) and Native Mobile Technologies for iOS or Android. The move to recruit more senior technologists is an expansion of the company’s business model.

Andela engineers work on global challenges, within global engineering teams, yet play an important role in their local ecosystems. The 1,000+ Andela Software Engineers are central to Africa’s growing tech community, and are leaders or members of Forloop, Teencode, Startup Grind, Progate, Facebook Developer Circles, to mention a few. Andela is a gateway for experienced and talented engineers to become part of Africa’s most expansive network of technologists.

“Collaboration is a key factor for thriving in the African software industry. At Andela, we challenge our software engineers to experiment as well as build new complex technologies whilst working with the best of the best. We also encourage engineers to work on diverse and complex projects and to interact with teams across the globe. This brings its own learning opportunities, thus making it easier for our software engineers to take the leap to a higher skill level and progress in their careers.” says Janet Maingi, Country Director, Andela Kenya.

She continues, “The demand for tech professionals on the continent, especially high-end software engineers, is increasing at a rapid pace. This is why we are excited to broaden our hiring criteria as we grow. Today, we welcome mid and senior software engineers to be a part of what we are creating in Africa”.

The Power of “✗” campaign was announced officially in Nairobi on 21st May 2019. Titled, “An inclusive future for the next generation”, and attended by key industry stakeholders, leading technologists and media, the event concluded with a fireside chat with Denis Gikunda [Director of Innovation, Mastercard] and Wambui Kinya [VP, Partner Engineering, Andela]. Moderated by Mercy Orangi [Developer Relations Manager, Andela], they addressed some of Africa’s challenges and how to nurture the next generation of technology innovators who will drive this change.

In 2018, The Wall Street Journal named Andela as one of the twenty-five technology companies to watch, and the year prior, Fast Company ranked Andela as the most innovative company in Africa.

Apply here for Senior Software Engineering roles at Andela.


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