#FeatureFriday: Mumbi Mathenge from Herbella, an Online Store for Organic Products

Feature Friday is a column highlighting people making a difference in different fields. This time round we have Mumbi Mathenge from Herbella. If you want to be featured email mail@tech-ish.com.

Who are you? And what motivates you? 

I am Mumbi Mathenge, a techpreneur currently specialising in organic health products through our platform.

What did you study in University? 

I am currently undertaking an MBA- Marketing from University of Nairobi. The course has had a great impact in my understanding of how to run and sustain a successful business.

What is Herbella?

Herbella (herbella.co.ke) is an online e-commerce store that deals with organic & natural products.  

And why Herbella?

I struggled for several years trying to get the right toxic-free products that would help improve my health and wellness, but could not come across any. I was battling a condition called Adenomyosis (Brought about by consumption of toxic substances from what we eat to what we use daily). After unsuccessfully trying lots of medication that became quite costly, I researched on ways to reverse this condition naturally. Unfortunately, I could not find a source for pure organic and natural products, it then hit me that there was a gap and Herbella was born. Herbella now does sourcing, sorting and grading of the products from farmers and certified organic vendors, consolidate them into one place to ease the customers’ purchase process.

How long did it take you to get Herbella to where it is? 

It has taken us close to 2 Years to get Herbella to where it is.

Describe your contribution- plus your team’s – if there’s one – to Herbella: 

We have a lean team of Tech, Customer Service and Marketing Executives. My contribution is by taking full responsibility of these teams and ensuring they work in sync towards achieving the companys’ goals by motivating them. I am also involved in research, development and strategic planning.

What is your vision for the company? 

To be a leading company in providing affordable, alternative , organic health and wellness solutions globally.

Currently, how is the company doing financially? Being a start-up, we are happy with our current growth curve, although we encountered some challenges with the advent of Covid, but now we anticipate increased business growth.

Who are your biggest competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them? 

Our biggest competitors are the conventional herbal medical businesses and pharmaceuticals. Our USP is providing an affordable, fast and aggregated organic & natural products platform at customer’s convenience. 

What is the biggest risk facing your company? 

The seasonality of some of the organic food from time to time due climatic conditions and seasonal change poses a risk which means we have to work with many more farmers from other regions to mitigate this.

Share some of your greatest achievements personally. 

I have been a founding member of some successful start-up companies such as Mobi-Remit and Mr. Sparkle Fresh. 

What do you do with your free time?

I network, meet up with family and friends, exercise and travel.

Where will Herbella be in 5 years? 

After traction, our plan is on opening up within other markets globally by forming strategic partnerships that will propel the brand to a global scale.

What are your thoughts on ecommerce in Kenya, and what are some of the challenges people may not understand about ecommerce? 

E-commerce in Kenya has shown significant progression since 2012. We are now seeing an emergence of third party logistics in the industry which previously used to have a point-point delivery structure. Now they are on-to the “Last Mile” delivery where they deliver goods at the customers’ doorstep. The Payments infrastructure has also witnessed growth in that now a customer has lots of safe and secure options of making payments when purchasing online. There is also an increase in the number of products that one can purchase online unlike the yester years.  People still do not understand that the same way you would shop and purchase an item in a physical store is the same you would on an ecommerce store.

What else are you working on?

Our current focus is on Herbella as we continue to research on more innovative products that will improve our customer’s day to day health and wellness journey. We have great projects in the pipeline which will see us developing partnerships with like-minded people.

Social Media Pages:

  • Facebook: @herbellaorganics
  • Instagram: @herbellaorganicsstore
  • Twitter: @Herbellaorganic

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