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Discussion by various tech bloggers on the 24 Bit Podcast Platform

24Bit: Why are we very loyal to certain brands?

That’s the latest discussion on 24Bit Podcast. Listen to it on whatever Platform you use to get your Podcasts, and…

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24Bit: Discussion on Mobile Money and Banking Transaction Rates in Kenya

Are the charges too expensive? Is it convenient to use M-Pesa vs other services.

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24Bit Discussion: SWVL and Little Shuttle Bus Sharing Services

SWVL and Little Shuttle Bus Sharing Services...

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24Bit Discussion: Safaricom Reverse Calls

Listen to this on SoundCloud. Or on any of your favourite podcast apps.

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24Bit Discussion: Fake Phones in Kenya

Have you ever bought a fake phone? Or a tablet? Or a smartwatch? What makes up a "fake" device? How…

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24Bit Discussion: Which Way Huawei?

Google, Intel, Qualcomm among others announced cutting off business with Chinese company Huawei following the Trump’s administration ban on doing…

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Meet Kenyan Tech Bloggers

Kenyan tech bloggers weekly show on YouTube called 24 Bit

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