Sunday, October 21, 2018

Marketing & Advertising

I initially wanted to start a blog on marketing and advertising. But I just can’t write good posts on the topic. Here are my simple posts that evaluate good and bad things happening.

StarTimes Kenya Ending Subscription before Expiry
Safaricom plans on launching SafMall, a platform like Jumia
Safaricom's grand, and wonderful plan, to dominate the Kenyan market.
Something funny is happening when you're using Airtel Internet. Instant articles don't load.
A couple of Smartphone companies have been launching in Kenya in the past few months. And more are on the way. Even Xiaomi is still promising to be launching soon. I say still as they've been saying "Soon" for...
I don't usually do this kind of announcement posts. Unless it is something I am really excited about. And yes you probably already know it (or not) but Netflix just launched in Kenya and a many other countries including Nigeria...
Safaricom's latest ad on M-Pesa is nothing short of perfect. It captures the reality of life in Kenya. This country truly runs on M-Pesa. And I'm not saying M-Pesa to mean mobile money in general. I'm talking of M-Pesa...

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