Thursday, April 9, 2020
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My opinion on various things. Posts that are “highly opinionated” fall here.

Safaricom Alpha department launched over a year ago an App called Bonga - later renamed to Zwupp! - that was meant to bring M-Pesa to Chat in a unique way we'd only seen WeChat from China do.
First it was Apple, and now Samsung has followed suit. The headphone jack is going away. The reasons given are all weird. And there's nothing we can do about it.
Startups BRCK and Swvl partner on free Wi-Fi for Kenyan ride-hail buses
Safaricom has announced plans to expand its e-commerce proposition Masoko to other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa by year 2020.
SWVL allows you to get to where you want to go by booking a seat in a bus. Buses have specific junctions where they pickup and dropoff other passengers.
Huawei Remains on America's Department of Commerce "Entity List", Thus Still a Blacklisted Company.
Google says it is done making Tablets so no Pixel Slate 2 nope - Android Tablets are dead?
53.34% Market Share by Opera. Followed by 38.02% for Chrome..... 40% of Kenyans using global mobile browser Opera Mini access online social media site Facebook, says a 2019 State of Mobile Web Report for Africa released by Opera.
4 days on a single charge.... That's the claim TECNO has with their new TECNO Pouvoir 3 Smartphone that features a 5000mAh cell.
Differences between CarPlay and Android Auto setup, voice controls, calling, messaging, navigation system, to audio and video - which should you go with? By Guest Blogger, Shweta Mehta
The Nokia 3.2 will get Android Q when that becomes available. It will also get Android R whenever that launches.
'Sign in with Apple' protects your email and info from apps. Apple will randomly generate email addresses for different services.
So how did a Manuka video pop up on my YouTube page when I had never heard of Manuka until my friend mentioned it in passing? Google and Facebook have denied using our microphones to listen in on our conversations.
A "home" router for Ksh. 7,500 plus limited bundles... in 2019? Why? I don't think it makes any sense to waste money buying something that will become obsolete in a few months.
As it now stands, the American government can coerce Google to revoke licenses of any Android Phone Maker they don't like or would want to arm twist.