Sunday, April 11, 2021
iPhone Online Payments Becoming the Norm in Kenya
Kenya was once the leaders in online payment platform services, and are now on the cusp of being the leaders once again, as using these systems is the norm for millions of Kenyans.
Importance of a VPN
A VPN is a virtual, private connection between a computer and a server. It relies on different security protocols to encrypt information traveling from point A to point B. Halfway between the user’s computer and a server is a VPN’s own server that encrypts user data.
Smart Home Living Kenya
When it comes to cybersecurity, there are two general rules of thumb for you to follow - stay aware of the risks is the first, and practice basic security is the second. Hacking smart homes may be easy, but so is keeping criminals on the other side of your digital fence.
Privacy Apps
Android's growth means there are millions of people who risk having their personal details leaked off to the internet.
Safaricom_Android TV Box_Review_ Kenya
Safaricom's foray into the TV market began years ago. This is their second TV Box running Android version 7.1. It has some good and some bad things going on.
Smart home
Innovations coming with the latest smartphone devices will largely contribute to this actualisation of Smart Homes in Africa
Smart Homes without breaking your bank.