Airtel #UnlimiNET Vs. Safaricom New Data Bundles

The Red Network, Airtel, struck the first blow last week and the Green Network, Safaricom, gave in two days ago by coming up with new data plans. And as usual in such fights, it is us the consumers who benefit.

The question that remains however right now is this: Between Airtel and Safaricom, which network has the best plan?

Let’s take a look at Airtel’s monthly plan: For Ksh. 2,000, you get 6GB data, 1200 minutes and 10,000 SMSs to any Network plus Free Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and WhatsApp.

On the other hand for the same amount on Safaricom you get 5GB usual data plus 5GB night shift bundle which is usable for the first 7 days 30 days between 10pm and 6pm. Basically you get 10GB where 5GB is usable only at night for the first 7 days for 30 days.


It is clear here that Safaricom still is expensive. While you get to call and text all networks plus 6GB internet data, with only Ksh. 2000 on Airtel, you only get internet data with Safaricom.

Anyway, it is also worth noting that 10GB is a really good offer from Safaricom. You won’t get to enjoy calling all networks and texting them for free. Nor will you enjoy free access to social media sites but at least you’ll have 10GB.

Airtel continues to win on good plans. We will soon quit buying Airtime from shops as has been the norm. I mean you only need 2000/- and your month is sorted. Here are the Airtel UnlimiNET offers.

Tecno L6 Quick Review and Price in Kenya


You remember the Tecno L3? No? It was similar to the Tecno M3 only that it had better battery life? Yes. It has a successor: Tecno L6.


Tecno L6

The L6 is a large 5 inch phone with a relatively good display of upto 196 pixels per inch.

The back camera is 8MP with autofocus and LED flash, while the front camera is 2MP.

The phone runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. It has 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage and a Quad core Mediatek processor clocked at 1.3Ghz. This processor is the same found on many Tecno and Infinix phones. It doesn’t disappoint.

However the main highlight of this phone is its battery. It has a humongous battery: 4500mAh!! This battery is twice the size of the battery on the Tecno F6 and the Infinix x507 hot, plus 500mAh!

With this large size battery and the specifications of the phone, battery life should be amazingly long. About 36 hours in total!

Everybody loves good battery for their smartphones. This phone price ranges between Ksh. 12,000 and Ksh. 13,500.

Safaricom Slashes Internet Bundle Prices, Kills Bundle Mwitu

In a quick move to counter Airtel’s really good offer, UnlimiNET, Safaricom have quickly slashed their bundle prices. Thank you Airtel for starting the War.

With the new prices, you can get upto 2GB for Ksh. 1000. The 2GB comes with an extra 2GB Night Shift bundle to be used between 10pm to 6pm. This is the case for all MBs. Meaning if you buy 100MB you get 100MB night shift, if you buy 650MB you get 650MB night shift.

You can also subscribe to Night Shift bundle only at Ksh. 300 and get 1GB bundle useful only at night from 10pm to 6pm.

All other bundles are cheaper and the Daily bundles come together with free SMSs.

Are the new Safaricom deals better than Airtel’s? Obviously no. Why? Because Airtel Bundles have included free Minutes and SMSs to all their UnlimiNET bundles. Meaning if you buy an UnlimiNET bundle, you will not need to buy more credit to make calls or send texts to all other Networks.

Will Safaricom release a better offer sometime soon? No. I doubt. They have the big share. People will be like this offer is good because they’re lazy to check out the other offers by Airtel.

Will Airtel win big in the end? Hopefully Yes. With good advertising and proper partnerships.

Remember when Airtel joined in some years back? When we used to make calls between 8/- and 20./-?

After announcing the new bundles prices, Safaricom went ahead and killed the “bundles mwitu” business by introducing new Sambaza guidelines. You can now only Sambaza a maximum of 10MB per day and only twice. If you’re running a business, just make sure you control the supply ūüôā

Internet will be really free some years from now…

What do you think?

Airtel Kenya Slashes Club 20 from 100MB to 40MB

After launching the UnlimiNET bundles, Airtel is slashing Club 20 from 100MB to 40MB. Seriously? Why? Because they want us to use UnlimiNET by force? LOL, I don’t know. I’m just not happy with the move.

Whoever has been using Club 20 knows that this move totally kills usage. What more is there to say? Airtel: NO!!

Anyway the UnlimiNET bundles are so good. I can’t seem to finish the SMSs though. Bundles as usual have already reduced significantly. Though I am assured of high speed Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Gmail even after the bundles are over. I hope images load when my bundles are over. It isn’t the same when free means no images.

Meanwhile the Green Network is still selling expensive bundles. I bet you they will come with something beter. If not, they’ll lose it on Data. They’re already losing it.

Tecno M6 Quick Review and Price in Kenya


Remember the Tecno M3, the phone with really high specs for just Ksh. 8,000? Well, Tecno M6 is its successor and it continues with the trend. The Tecno M6 is available in Kenya for Ksh. 11,500. Here:

Tecno M6

It is a 5 inch phone that is very very slim compared to most phones in the market. It has a sleek design and shape and feels like a really well-made, nicely polished phone. It has a good display of about 196 pixels per inch

It has 8GB internal storage which can be expanded to 32GB with an external SD card. It has 1GB RAM and 1.3GHz quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU with a MediaTek MT6582 chipset and Mali-400MP2 GPU.

The phone is HotKnot enabled like the H6 and F6. HotKnot basically is the ability to share content through the touching or coming together of the phone screens.

The rear camera is 8MP and supports Auto-focus. The front camera is 2MP and can take photos with resolution up to 1600 x 1200-pixels.

It has a slightly better battery than the Tecno F6 and the Infinix X507 Hot. The battery is 2020mAh while the others have 2000mAh.

For 12k, this phone is absolutely stunning! Does it beat the H6? No. Why? Becase of H6’s HD display. Is it worth the money? Of course. I am sure it is going to be below 10K some time soon.

Using Airtel UnlimiNET Bundles

You’ve probably heard of Airtel’s new Net Bundles. If you haven’t yet, pole. Okay, Airtel have some new exciting offers. It is a war. And in a war, always aim at your enemies weakest points. Safaricom are the monopoly on Mobile Money. We know that. But Equity Bank is stabbing them daily. (Thank you Equity!). However, Safaricom data bundles are damn too expensive. Extremely expensive. This is where Airtel Kenya is aiming. Attack them at their weakest.

The new Airtel plans give you “Unlimited” connections in quite a funny way. Funny because they are way too cheap and exciting: Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

To buy these bundles you need to dial *544# and select the 1st option.



The daily option has UnlimiNET 50 and UnlimiNET 100.

UnlimiNET 50 gives you 100MB, 20 minutes to any network and 100 SMSs. You also get free Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Gmail for 24 hours.

UnlimiNET 100 gives you 300MB, 60 minutes to all networks and 300 SMSs. And of course the free social media sites.



In the weekly section, you get UnlimiNET 250 (500MB, 100 minutes and 500 SMSs for Ksh. 250 ) or UnlimiNET 500 (1.5GB, 300 minutes and 2500 SMSs for Ksh. 500) for 7 days. Even after finishing your Internet data, you will still access free Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Gmail.

Good offer huh? Wait. Aki Safaricom should do something. Tunahama.



The monthly section gives you UnlimiNET 1000 (2GB, 400 Minutes and 2000 SMSs for Ksh. 1000) or UnlimiNET 2000 (6GB, 1200 Minutes and 10000 SMSs! for Ksh. 2000)! The call minutes and SMSs are to any network. This should be cheaper than any offers from Safaricom and Orange. Wow!

What do you think?

I’m on to a Monthly bundle already. Safaricom better try and keep me. The mobile war is on!

Did you read my post on the Club 20 bundles by Airtel? Here it is. Data is the war.

Tecno B5s Quick Review & Price in Kenya


This was a Quick Review Post. Read the Full Review Here. Or just read both.

So I mentioned the Tecno B5s once on this site. That was on my list of Best Phones under 10K, which has received tremendous number of readers in the past one week. Most of the people reading the post Googled Tecno B5s. It is now only fair that I make an official post for the phone.

Yes, I have seen it. I will use it more but form now, I can’t dare recommend it. There’s the Infinix X507 Hot¬†which is cheaper (and better), though it is only on Jumia. Anyway¬†not everyone can access Jumia. Then again, not everyone wants the X507.

Here is the Tecno B5s:

Tecno B5s

It is a small phone with a 4 inch IPS LCD display. It is very clear and sharp. In fact, due to its size, the resolution is expectedly better than that of the Infinix x507.

It runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and is powered by a 1.2Ghz Single Core Processor.

The back camera is 5MP while the selfie camera is 0.3MP.

Depending on where you are getting it, the phone price ranges from Ksh. 6,000 to Ksh. 8000. It is available on Safaricom Shop for Ksh. 6500.

Infinix Hot X507 Vs Tecno F6: Which One is Better?


Well before you get the full review of the Infinix X507 which I just got to look at some hours ago, let us compare it with the Tecno F6.

Infinix X507 Screen shot


The Tecno F6 is a 4.7 inch phone with HD screen display at around 317ppi. The Infinix X507 is a 5 inch phone with around 197 pixels per inch. That however is not to say the display on the X507 is awful. Though not impressive or high, it is decent and understandable. So on display, F6 wins.

The Tecno F6 camera is an (I won’t stop saying this) awful 8MP shooter on the back and a 5MP on the front. The cameras are a total failure. On the Infinix, the back camera is 5MP. Images are clear and sharp. You can see the samples here. On Cameras Infinix wins.

Tecno F6 Picture by Infinix X507


Both phones have quad core processors clocked at 1.3Ghz. Both phones run Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. Both have 1GB RAM and both have 16GB internal memory.

If you ask me to choose between the two, I’ll go with the Infinix X507 because:

  • It is cheaper than the F6
  • It doesn’t have the problems the F6 has
  • It is a 5 inch. I just love huge phones.

In terms of UI, I love the dark colours used on the F6. True black appears to be the major theme on the F6. Which is really cool and beautiful. But on the Infinix X507, the UI looks off for me. I don’t know about you, but white isn’t just good.

Anyway, which of the two would you go with?

Infinix X507 HOT Review & Price in Kenya


The Infinix X507 HOT is the next Trend. You will probably meet everyone you know having this phone soon enough. You know why? It is because this phone is on sale at Jumia for Ksh. 6,999 instead of Ksh. 14,000. And here is the phone:

Infinix Hot X507

A 50% discount on a phone may lead you to asking. How? Why? Maybe there is something wrong with the phone. Maybe it is a lie.

Well I thought of all that too. But NO. The deal is true. I have seen people buy and get their phones delivered. Plus NO this post is not about the Jumia Deal. This post is about the Infinix Hot itself. So let us jump in to the specs.

The phone runs on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. It has a Quad Core processor clocked at 1.3Ghz and I must agree is super fast. RAM is 1GB which is really acceptable. The internal storage of the phone is 16GB but expandable with an external SD card.

The phone is 5 inches in size with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. This may not be impressive on paper but once you take a look at the phone’s clarity you will find nothing to complain about. Text and pictures are sharp and clear and good to look at. (Or maybe I’m just saying this because the phone is still new).

The front camera is 2MP. The selfies are understandable. The back camera is a good 5MP. Images are agreeably sharp and smart. It doesn’t have the bad quality the 8MP F6 camera had. Here are some pictures from the 5MP camera:

Tecno F6 Picture by Infinix X507

As you can see these pictures prove to you that the camera is good. I haven’t tried it outdoors. Look forward to that in the full review of the phone some weeks from now.

From the specs, this phone is really good even at Ksh. 14,000 basing that on what we see Samsung and othe ‘major’ brands sell. You cannot really go wrong with this phone.

What I haven’t liked about the phone from my first impressions is the UI Infinix threw over Android. The skin is just awful for me. Especially on the settings page. Take a look:

Infinix X507 Screen shot

A black background in the settings would have been awesome, wouldn’t it?

Anyway there you have it. Await my full indepth review in a week’s or two time. Meanwhile tell me what you think of the phone.


Read comparison between the Tecno F6 and the Infinix X507

Must Have Apps for Students


As a student, I have found out there are certain apps I can’t live without. These apps play a big role in my student life by making everything generally easier and more comfortable.

I am an Android user and lover. So the links I will provide will for the Android Apps. If you use Windows or iOS, I am pretty sure all these Apps are in your various stores/markets. I hope African students, and more-so Kenyans, find this list helpful.

    • Timetable – this app simplifies your class schedule for the whole week, month or semester. It syncs across all your Android Devices. If you have CATs or Assignments, it will schedule them for you and remind you to read/submit the various tasks. It will also remind you about class before the lecture starts, and about deadlines that you are supposed to meet.
      Do you forget to put your phone on Silent Mode or Vibration when going for a lecture? This app will do it for you just before the lecture starts. Do you forget your course codes’ or lecturers’ names? You’re perfectly covered.The app has wonderful widgets for your home screens which show your classes or exams or assignments. Life is really really easy with this app. Check it out on Android. I am not sure if it is on iOS or Windows.
    • Pocket – Do you ever find something online but can’t read, view or watch it at the said time? Well here is where pocket plays a big role. Save literally everything and sync them across all your devices from the laptop to your phone/tablet and access them some other time whether online or offline from articles to news stories, blog posts, videos, recipes or any web links. The app even goes a step further to read out loud what you’ve saved when you are too lazy to read everything. Don’t worry about finding anything as it perfectly organises everything in tags and even highlights “best of”, “long reads”, “trending” posts.
      I can’t make it through a day without Pocket. Every night before I sleep, I take a look at all I saved during the day. The app also acts as my reference page.
    • Google Keep, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Slides and Sheets – These Google Apps are simply must haves. I doubt any one can manage a life without all the above. For emails, I generally switch between the Gmail app and Inbox by Gmail app. Both are wonderful. I also use Mailbox as it helps me clear my unread quickly without toggling between tabs. Google Calendar reminds me of birthdays (LOL) and important semester dates, exam weeks etc. It has a really decent widget.
      Sheets, Slides and Docs sync all my office files on Google Drive and give me sweet time between devices. When having group assignments, they come to the rescue especially when we cannot meet physically.
    • Adobe Reader – Though it has been crashing most of the times on my phone, this app saves me in many situations. Maybe the laptop battery is out and I have to read a .pdf book or I am travelling and a big device is just too funny to carry around, Adobe Reader comes to the rescue. I can read in Night or Day modes, fill out forms and sign PDFs. I know there are better apps that allow one to convert docs to PDFs and vice versa but if you just need a good reading experience I trust this and the next one.
    • UB Reader – this is the Universal Book Reader. It allows you to read EPUB and PDF files. Very attractive interface that makes you love reading.
    • Pushbullet – Can you live without Pushbullet? I can’t. This app syncs all your notifications from your phone to your computer. Whether it is an incoming call or a text message. You’ll never miss an important notification just because you’re on the laptop and your phone is a mile away. The app also enables you share links, pictures, files etc across your devices or to your friends. If you have a picture on your phone and you need it on your Chrome, just push it.
    • Messaging Apps – I don’t think any student in this world can live without messaging apps. I use Telegram and WhatsApp. My personal view is that Telegram is better than WhatsApp. I have this article here to outline all that. As a student, you need to stay in touch with classmates, discuss, argue out, send and receive documents, apps and files plus many other things. You need to know whether the lecturer will make it to class or not. Messaging apps solve the problem.

There you have it. Throughout my period in uni, I have found the listed apps very useful. I hope they help you too.

Do you know of another app I may not know of? Feel free to mention it in the comments section below. Remember to also spread the knowledge with fellow students.