My take on Windows Phones

By November 2011, I still hadn’t known there was a Windows Mobile OS. I guess back then I was pretty dumb, or rather not much exposed especially since I was just out of High School. Don’t blame me. Blame the village I came from.
When I first heard of Windows Phone 8, I thought maybe Microsoft were starting out. But then I came to learn that they had been in the mobile world for long. But that’s not the reason for this post.


I love Android. And ever since I started using Android (8 phones ago), I have never been disappointed. I mean the phone might disappoint sometimes but the OS is brilliant. I never thought that I’d ever shift back to Nokia, or any other phone or OS, on the day I held my first Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Pocket. That phone though…

When Windows Phone 8 was released and I saw the Home Screen I was like wow! I even installed a launcher… And then all Windows Phones started spotting the same Home screen and it wasn’t fun anymore. I mean why can’t the Home screen be different? Tiles everywhere… Tiles every time. Big tiles. Small tiles. Tiles. Boring tiles. Yellow and Blue and Black and Boring tiles…

Lumia 1020. Photo from Mashable


And then Nokia started releasing Lumias with high quality specs, magnificent specs, and I’m now like, who cares about the tiles? They can be changed by an update!

But these phones are awesomely incredible. For example 40MP Camera on a phone? WOW! The Lumia 1020 just humbled me.


Each Lumia being released is jaw dropping. And I now badly want to own one. This coming week I’ll be focusing on various Lumias and you can find the posts here from tomorrow.

The Windows Phone OS is now a big OS. I think it’ll be hard for upcoming phone OSs to beat Windows (well except for the Sailfish OS which might just take over the world!).

Lumia Icon. Photo from TechnoBufallo


Windows Phones are only on the limelight because of what Nokia has done. The recently released Lumia Icon (only int the US) has just proved the Windows Phone OS is bigger than previously imagined. If only Nokia had done Android phones all through…

In the upcoming Mobile World Congress, Nokia will be wowing us with some good things, I expect, but they’ll also be releasing their first Android phone which I think will be a total fail. I don’t know why but I think they haven’t given it everything. Or it might try. Let me not be pessimistic.


In less than a year to come more people will be having a Windows Phone and Apple will have to change their tactics especially with the BIG Sailfish OS coming in.


Android is still and will remain King. No arguments there.

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  1. Exactly! I am currently using a Windows Phone and an Android phone..and yes, Android is king. I feel Windows is not yet stable-there are just too many bugs and few quality Apps.

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