Monday, January 25, 2021

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Is Safaricom’s dominance good for the future of Kenya?

While one CANNOT say Safaricom got to its position unfairly it would be unfair to say there’s still a chance for any other company to rise, or even compete with them. That fact effectively makes them a monopoly.



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No country is an island: collective approach to COVID-19 vaccines is...

Manufacturing companies are in it for profit. At the current cost only a few countries would be able to buy the vaccine, but through COVAX they are assured of funding for more buyers. COVAX also bears the risk if the candidates do not reach final approval by the regulators in a particular country.

The fight against 5G Conspiracies on the Spread of COVID-19

Despite the many articles, videos, and commentaries debunking these theories, we still saw many people join these conspiracy groups, protest against the network, and even destroy masts in the name of doing away with 5G so they don't get the coronavirus

All you need to know about the new Digital Service Tax...

Digital Service Tax (DST) is tax payable on income derived or accrued in Kenya from services offered through a digital marketplace. A digital marketplace refers to a platform that enables direct interaction between buyers and sellers of goods and services through electronic means.

Why Kenya’s shift to electric vehicles will take very long

Saying something is one thing while planning for it and realising the dream is another. In Kenya, we like to talk, talk, and build fantasies about the future without actually planning for it, and making sure the plans we set are sound. Electric cars kenya.

Why ONLY Apple guarantees 5 years of updates to its phones

Ever wondered why only Apple can offer 5-years plus of Updates to its iPhones? Why not Google? Why not Samsung? Why not Huawei or Nokia? Here's why?