Friday, October 30, 2020

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Is Safaricom’s dominance good for the future of Kenya?

While one CANNOT say Safaricom got to its position unfairly it would be unfair to say there’s still a chance for any other company to rise, or even compete with them. That fact effectively makes them a monopoly.

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Why ONLY Apple guarantees 5 years of updates to its phones

Ever wondered why only Apple can offer 5-years plus of Updates to its iPhones? Why not Google? Why not Samsung? Why not Huawei or Nokia? Here's why?

Post-Pandemic: Preparing for the Next Phase

Chen Lei, President of Huawei Southern Africa Region writes about the importance of laying foundation for constant evolution in the next phases of humanity

How 5G can help the fight against Coronavirus

During the outbreak in China, telecommunications operators collaborated with Huawei to rapidly set up a specific 5G network dedicated to COVID-19 treatment hospitals

This app wants to make M-Pesa easier and faster with QR...

QuePay is seeking to change how you pay for M-Pesa by moving you from inserting pay bills and till numbers to just scanning an autogenerated QR code to initiate an STK Push and be on your way.

What to Look Forward to in the New Decade

The Tech Trends That Will Shape The New Decade