Sunday, March 29, 2020
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What to Look Forward to in the New Decade

The Tech Trends That Will Shape The New Decade

What’s better: In-house Web Data Extraction Vs Outsourcing?

As web scraping is going mainstream and is becoming a part of varied sales and marketing campaigns, more and more companies are confused if they should choose to scrape websites in-house or outsource the whole process.

Android Auto Vs Apple CarPlay: What to go for!

Differences between CarPlay and Android Auto setup, voice controls, calling, messaging, navigation system, to audio and video - which should you go with? By Guest Blogger, Shweta Mehta

/e/ OS is offering a future of Android without Google Services

/e/ OS is an un-Googled experience that's completely free of Google services and runs as an Operating System of it's own install-able on a couple of smartphones.

Huawei ban a wake-up call to all Android Makers

As it now stands, the American government can coerce Google to revoke licenses of any Android Phone Maker they don't like or would want to arm twist.