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What Tech to Expect in 2015

The tech industry keeps changing. Today you may have a phone with the best display or best processor yet come tomorrow it appears so old school. Good example is the Note 4. There is a new Note 4 variant with Snapdragon 810 processor. Sounds unfair to me. I mean, there was a time 1080p displays were cool. I still have my 720p when people are already doing 3840×2160! And that’s the bad thing about technology. An hour or two and you could be totally obsolete. Remember CD players? Ah…

Anyway here are some of the releases we should anticipate come 2015:

Samsung Galaxy S6

After a really, really bad year for Samsung, 2015 might be the year they redeem themselves or further drop.

The Galaxy S5 failed and failed miserably. Awful design. But they struggled to market, advertise and make something of it. People who aren’t into tech don’t care. They’ll get it as long as it is hyped and made a name of. But that probably didn’t work out just fine. Luckily, the Note 4 made us forget.

The Galaxy S6 will be looking to redeem the S series. And will it manage? We remain hopeful.

Oh and Samsung should just kill that physical home button. Please. I know it’s a trademark or something but please.

New Google Glass

Most people are saying Glass is a futuristic project that landed way before its time. Who knows. You either give people what they want or you make something and make people want it.

The new Google Glass will feature Intel chips plus longer battery. Whatever changes included, we all have our fingers crossed that the price will at least drop.

Sony Xperia Z4

If there ever is a company who got a good design for phones, for me, then Sony is the company. Have you seen the Z3? Killer! That phone melts me. Don’t tell me nonsense on front speakers. Who uses a phone without head/earphones anyway?

I can’t wait for the Z4!

HTC One M9

I am weird I guess. The HTC One M8 is beautiful I agree. But not the way most people have been hyping it.

Well I can’t wait for the M9. Will it continue wowing some of you?

(Microsoft) Lumia 1020 Successor

The 1020 was launched in 2013 with a 41MP camera. We fainted. We woke up and found it was true. 2014 passed with no mentions of a ‘sequel’. 2015 is here. We can’t wait. The rumours are up. What will Microsoft unleash this time?

Jolla’s Crowd-sourced Tablet

Jolla is looking to build the world’s first crowd-funded tablet. As of writing this, they’ve raised $1,824,055 USD. 

You know what this crowd sourcing means? See this, you tell them how you want the tablet to be like and they’ll make it just to your taste. Read more here. Can’t wait? Neither can I.

Windows 10

Microsoft launched Windows 10 a few weeks ago. You can have a sneak peak already. Check it out here. This is one OS for all your devices! And it will finally be available this year. Rumour is all Lumias will be updated!

Apple Watch

Okay the Apple Watch will finally go on sale this year. I can’t wait to see iSheep waste money on such a gimmick. My opinion.

What are you expecting this new year? Leave your comments below or join the discussion on Google+! 



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