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Taxi Services in Nairobi, Kenya

If you’re stranded in Nairobi and you need a taxi, we both know getting the normal taxis in the streets would be expensive as hell. Is hell expensive?

Anyway, here are some of the taxi services you can use in Kenya, Nairobi, from the click of a button on your phone. All you need to do is download their app and a couple of other things. And they are cheaper than walking around in the streets looking for a car with “TAXI” on top. And more reliable. And safer. But you and I both know sometimes you can negotiate with the normal taxi guys. LOL.

Easy Taxi (@EasyTaxiKE)

Easy Taxi is a taxi service company that operates in many countries including Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Columbia, South Korea, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bolivia, Singapore, Egypt, Nigeria and now Kenya.

All you have to do with Easy Taxi is download their App from Play Store and request for a taxi. You don’t need to do much. The App locates you and a driver (the nearest to your location) calls you to confirm the request. In a few minutes the driver picks you up and drops you to your destination.

I loved how fast the driver arrived. And how he followed all traffic rules.

You can pay in cash, MPesa, Debit or Credit Cards. Plus they have Promo codes which you can enter at the end of your ride to cut the cost of the rides.


Uber (@Uber_Kenya)

Uber is the biggest taxi service. Currently uber serves in 58 countries and over 270 cities around the world. You need an account with Uber to get a taxi. Signing up for the account requires your Credit Card number.

After downloading the app on your phone, you can request for a taxi in most places in Nairobi. You can choose a car type to pick you up, and set a location to be picked up from. You will be given an estimation as to how long the taxi will take to arrive.

With Uber you can select what amount to tip the driver. 20% is the normal rate by default. I am not sure if the same rates apply in Kenya.

UPDATE: Uber now supports cash payments in Kenya

Get rides worth 1000/= from your friends on Uber.


MaraMoja (@MM_Nrb)

By the way if you sign up with MaraMoja right now, you will get Ksh. 400 free. This is a more social taxi service app.

With Maramoja, you choose from a set of personalized service taxis. Meaning taxi drivers have their profiles from where you choose the driver you want to pick you up. If you don’t know any drivers, you can inquire from Facebook friends, Twitter followers and Even Google Plus.

“Maramoja views their clients and drivers like individuals with their own unique preferences, relationships, and loyalties. Most Kenyans already have their favorite drivers and are only looking for better way to reach them, a reliable network of trusted back-ups, or additional features that can be offered by an app” –

“MM believes deeply in trust and choice. You should always feel good about the driver you ride with, and you should have choices.”

MaraMoja covers a wider area. Prices are fixed to ensure both you and your drivers interests are maintained. You can use the Price Map to check out rates.


Pewin Cabs (@PewinCabs)

Both individuals and Businesses can use this taxi and transport solutions provider. Pewin gives you short rides, long rides, and even full day hires.

To quote them from their website: “We offer chauffeur style taxi services for business executives as well as unique transport options for special events, business meetings and airport pick-ups. Our service is trust worthy and complemented by a fixed and accurate billing system that is reliable.”

Although they don’t have Apps, you can call to make a booking, or book directly from their website:

All the taxis are green and black.

Payment is via cash or credit card.


Sasa Cabs (@sasacabs)

As of the time I was writing this their website was down and their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since August 2014. I am not sure if they’re operational.


Focus Cabs (@FocusCab)

Their website is down and their Twitter account is Protected. Not sure if they work.


Soon other towns in Kenya will need these taxis. Why do we think say Kisumu can’t have Uber or Easy Taxi?

Share this with people looking for a taxi. If there are other taxi services in Nairobi that I haven’t mentioned, please tell me in the comment box below.

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