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How to Run Android, like any OS, on your Computer

If you have ever thought of running Android on your PC, and I know you have, you’ve mostly been angry with the experience of running apps like Bluestacks. The .exe apps to run on your computer are slow and boring. But have you ever thought of fully installing Android on your computer? Like totally changing your computer to run Android? Not using an App on Windows (or Mac), but rather having your device boot in Android.

One major thing about Android is that it was made entirely for touch screens. Running it on computers thus is tricky for people who rely on using the mouse. But recently we’ve seen a clamour for people who want their computers to completely run Android. And the Android x86 project started in 2009 to bring Android to normal computers has helped a lot towards the realisation of this.

So if you want to install Android on your Hard disk, Dual Boot your computer with Windows and Android, or just run it on your USB disk, I have found two options you will love. They are still work in progress, but all the same very well headed to greatness. Here:

  • Remix OS
  • Phoenix OS

Remix OS:

This one has received a lot of media frenzy, and looks like the best option. The company plans on launching its BETA version on March 1st which will bring new features like: OTA updates, complete OS boot support, and support for 32-bit devices.

Remix OS is officially partnering with the Android x86 project and includes Google Play Services meaning you can access Play Store and get all apps you need. You can get the Alpha version, to get hands-on experience.

Remix OS

It is very well customised for the computer with a taskbar, notifications bar and borrows a lot of its look from Chrome OS.

I am waiting for the BETA version and will tell you how it goes because I really want a new experience for my PC. With this OS, one, I expect, will be able to enjoy the millions of apps on Play Store. And now that most apps are optimised for tablets, I know my experience will be very good. I mean look at the picture above. Nice!

I will first run it on the USB, then in future dual boot it with my Windows 10. Maybe later on it will remain as my only OS.

If you want to try it out check here.

Phoenix OS:

The major problem with this one is that there’s no support for Google Play Services. There’s a reddit thread for it that might help you with how to go about everything.

It has a very nice UI, and comes with a File Explorer many people who’ve used it acclaim as very exciting.

Phoenix OS
Phoenix OS, Source

Currently you can run it only through a USB disk, and for the best performance, you need a USB 3.0 flash. It looks to me like the best alternative to the Remix OS for those who want to test the waters.

It is a lot more customised than Remix OS to like Windows 10 meaning this one is a lot easier to use. It is based on Android Lollipop and the bundle (for downloading) is half the size of Remix OS’ bundle.

However, the official site gives very little information of future plans. It doesn’t convince me as something bound to receive a lot of support.

Okay now…

If you have used any of the two Operating Systems tell us how you’ve found them, tricks and hacks, if they’re good or not, and any other handy information.

I hope to make more posts on the Remix OS after their beta launch. And I’m excited by the fact that it will support OTA updates. I really hope it can grow to be a better replacement for Windows which is now only a browser.

These two approaches are a nice way of bringing Android to all sectors of your life. And especially if you’re looking to bring life to even old PCs but don’t want to use Chrome OS.

Tell me what you think.

(And for those asking: Yes, you can run WhatsApp).


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