Gionee Officially Launches in Kenya

Recently I did a post titled, “You can now buy Gionee Phones in Kenya“. And in the post I explained how I came by the name Gionee.

Well Gionee is officially launching in Kenya. Their “bloggers’ release” titled, “Another giant smartphone maker enters Kenyan market“, has said that they are launching on Monday July 4th 2016.  Their flagship, the Gionee S6S, they say, will be competing directly against Samsung phones and the iPhone for market share.

Here’s the Gionee S6S:

Gionee S6s

The phone is targeted at the high end market of professionals and business people. It has a unibody metal design, a fingerprint sensor, a 3130 mAh battery, a 5MP front camera and a 13MP back camera. I hope it runs Android Marshmallow.

I don’t know how expensive the phone will be. But being that they are targeting “High end professionals and business people”, this device will sure not be for everyone.

Which leads to the question: Will Kenyans want to buy an expensive device from a less heard of company?

Well Gionee isn’t a small company per se. They are big in China. They are present in India. I learnt of them from Nigerians. And now here they are in Kenya.

But it will be fun to see how they plan to gain a share of their own from Transsion (who own TECNO, INFINIX, iTEL, and Snokor) and Samsung, the current ‘behemoths’.

Remember the market in Kenya is not auguring well with new players. Chenze,, did a very good post on the situation in Kenya which you should read here.

Gionee Kenya will also be offering the Gionee P5W and F103 Pro targeted at young people and the middle market.


  1. Its okay the phone is very available in Nairobi,but we do we get the accessories? Like now I need a battery for my gionee x1s.Where do I get please?

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