Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Reviews are in. Here are some of the Best.

Best smartphone currently?

You’ve probably seen very many posts online about the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s new big phone that launched a couple of weeks ago. Well the reviews are in and as it seems everyone likes the phone.

And what wouldn’t be there to love? The Note Series have always been the very best smartphones in the whole world – according to me. From design to performance.

Here are some of the best reviews I’ve read:

  • TheNextWeb: Possibly the most complete Smartphone ever made:

The Note 7 is much more than its spec sheet. Taking what it’s learned over the previous six devices, Samsung has refined the Note 7 into not just a great big phone, but possibly the most well-rounded, productive, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink smartphone ever made. Read on.

  • WIRED: Eye Phone:

The Galaxy Note 7 is a “productivity phone,” but you can use it in the pool. It’s a niche device due to its price and size, but it can please anyone. It’s a jack of all trades, and the master of…everything. Read on.

  • Engadget: Sleeker, Simpler, Better than ever:

While it falls short of smartphone perfection thanks to its hefty price tag and some ultimately gimmicky features, the Note 7 might still be Samsung’s best all-around phone to date. Read on.

  • The Verge: The Best Big Phone:

The Note 7 is Samsung’s best device ever, and arguably the best big phone ever made. If that’s all you’re looking to know, then you can stop reading right now and go place your order. Well… Read on.

  • TechCrunch: Samsung swings for the fences with the Galaxy Note 7

It’s fitting, really. In many ways, the new handset feels like a culmination of both lines, the place at which the Note’s form factor and Galaxy S’s design language and top-level specs converge — along with a number of key new additions. Read on.

  • Digital Trends: Samsung’s stacked Galaxy Note 7 does things you didn’t know a phone could do

If you thought the S7 Edge was comfortable in your hand, wait until you get your hands on the Note 7, which is just barely wider. It’s one of the most comfortable phones we’ve ever held. Samsung fused together two identical pieces of curved glass onto the front and back of the device, so that it curves perfectly into your hand – no more sharp edges. Read on.

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Well when the Note 7 is available in Kenya, I will try to have a full review here.

What are your thoughts on this huge phone?


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