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7 Things I like about the TECNO PhonePad 3

I have used the TECNO PhonePad 3 for close to three weeks. That, I believe, is a good period to be able to know everything about the device.

You should read my full review of the PhonePad 3 here.

In my review I have stated that the device, being a business companion as TECNO have called it, is best used for reading.

Here are 7 best things I found about the TECNO PhonePad 3:

  1. Front camera – really good. You’ll have good selfies and good quality conference calls.
  2. Size is good for reading eBooks, Word, Sheets or Presentations – 7 inch seems the best size for me for reading especially when travelling.
  3. Eye-care management feature is very good in low light or for reading at night
  4. Battery can do 7hrs screen-on time straight when used for reading and light web browsing on Wi-Fi
  5. Fingerprint can be used to scroll when reading – pretty neat. Works with every app where when reading/browsing you need to scroll.
  6. Video Editing on the go – The size makes it very easy to edit videos using Apps like Filmora. You can be travelling, seated in a cafe, and be editing videos.
  7. Planning – the screen size makes it very easy to use apps like Google Keep, Calendar, Trello etc.

There are other bad things with the PhonePad 3 that I have detailed in my full review.

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  1. I love the big screen too,movies are excellent on it and even gaming is so nice on the PhonePad 3..cool gadget

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