Everything about the Essential Smartphone from the Creator of Android

From the father of Android himself

Essential CEO, Andy Rubin, or as many call him the Father of Android himself (because he created Android) has yesterday announced his new venture: A bezel-less smartphone that promises so much, I’m sure some Galaxy S8 buyers are already regretting.

Essential Smartphone
Essential Smartphone

The best part of the announcement is that the device which costs $US699 ships as early as June 2017.

Here are the major things about the Essential Phone:

  • No bezels to the extent the front screen wraps around the camera
  • 5.71 inch 19:10 ratio display with 2560×1312 resolution
  • Two 13MP rear cameras: color and monochrome lenses
  • 8MP front camera that can shoot 4K videos
  • Pogo Pins at the back to attach to accessories like 360 degree cameras or a charging dock
  • 4GB RAM, 128GB UFS 2.1 Storage
  • Snapdragon 835 Chipset
  • Runs Pure Android with no bloatware
  • Screen made from a blend of Titanium and Ceramic – which makes it stronger and almost “unbreakable”
  • No headphone jack but adapter included
Essential Smartphone
The back

The Essential Phone won’t feature any branding both front and back. Users are promised that the phone will evolve with you in an open ecosystem.

The design and build quality from both company render images and from The Verge first look paint the image of a very high-class, premium, and beautiful-looking device. Hopefully, this will shake up the market in a good way especially with the promise of reducing the need to constantly buy a new device every new year.

Essential Smartphone
First Sample: Photo from The Verge

What are your thoughts on the device? Looks good? 

The company also announced Home an Amazon Echo like device that will launch soon, and AmbientOS for smart devices.


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