Kenyans will soon have Smart Digital Driving Licences

News about the new digital driving licences from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) came out yesterday with Kenyans getting to see how the new licences will look like.

The shift to smarter licences comes way too late for Kenya as many other countries including Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria etc have had better looking, if not digital licences. Kenya’s current licences not only look bad. They are bulky, they are easily forged and can’t properly identify the holders.

The new chip-based licences will feature personal data including

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  • one’s picture,
  • name,
  • licence details,
  • date of birth,
  • ID number,
  • fingerprints, and other bio-data like your blood group
  • Record of traffic offenses.

The data stored in your card will be useful for many organisations and institutions. One will be able to automatically renew their licence using a paybill number, insurance firms will be able to use the data to calculate premiums and much more.

Techweez have a very insightful post on the new licences as they sat down with the head of ICT at NTSA. Read that post to understand much more.

Roll-out of the new licences begins this month and there’s no pressure on anyone depending on the expiry of your current driving licence.

What are your thoughts on the new licences?


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