What to look forward to in 2018

A year is a short amount of time when you look at it differently. It’s basically less than 400 sunsets. But a lot happens within a year. And those less than 400 sunrises and sunsets can really affect your life positively or negatively.

2017 came with its challenges economically and majorly politically. All around the world people faced different pains and different joys. But they are all in the past now, and it is wise to hope for the best in the coming year that begins today.

So here are some things that I personally I’m really looking forward to in 2018:

Cheaper, more powerful Smartphones:

This is a trend every year: the low end smartphones keep getting better. I look forward to crazy specs at the sweet price point between low end and mid-range smartphones.

Infinix Zero 5 Pro
USB C everything this year.

On this section, I’m looking forward to:

  • 18:9 aspect ratio becoming a thing in most smartphone announcements this year.
  • Enough RAM and storage for all smartphones less than Ksh. 10000. So I don’t expect to see a sub $100 phone with less than 2GB RAM, 16GB storage. Phones above this price range should have at least 3GB RAM with different storage options depending on price.
  • USB type-C everything: hopefully all tech you buy this year has USB type-C.
  • More smartphone companies entering the Kenyan market. Especially looking forward to Vivo expansion into the market.
  • Android 8 Oreo smartphones on launch. All smartphones launching with Android Oreo out of the box get to enjoy Project Treble which promises faster software updates.

Project Treble:

Some of you are probably reading this on a smartphone running Android 5 Lollipop. Others may be on Android 4 Kitkat. Which isn’t a good thing as we are now on Android 8 Oreo. This is because Android has been having issues where companies never bother to try and update their devices with newer iterations of Android even when the smartphones can support the new Android version.

But Project Treble, which as a requirement will be supported on all phones that launch with Android 8 Oreo out of the box, hopes to change that by separating the Android OS framework from the manufacturers hardware code implementation promising faster updates, and also revolutionising the world of Custom ROMs.

Project Treble

We may in the near future have one single image boot many different Android smartphones the same way a Windows 10 image works on different computers.

Hopefully… Bye Dual Cameras:

Honestly, dual cameras don’t do much. That’s most dual cameras. Some dual setups like on Huawei or on LG make sense and may remain, but the telephoto/zoom lenses will hopefully die out in 2018. Why?

We know we can blur the background with just software as we’ve seen on the Google Pixel 2, on the Samsung S8 and on all front cameras that try to blur the background including the Infinix Zero 5.

This may be a trend in 2018 with less flagships launching with dual cameras.

Under-the-display Fingerprint scanners:

Apple couldn’t get themselves to put the fingerprint on the back of their iPhone X. Many say it is because perfecting the technology of under the display fingerprint scanners proved difficult for mass production.

Vivo display fingerprint scanner

But Vivo have claimed to have perfected that. So 2018 better bring this incredible technology as soon as in the next few weeks.

The Black Panther Movie:

There’s a lot of talk about how this is an all black cast, about how this is the first African superhero story and all that. That’s all nothing but noise. If this were an African film, then at least film it in Africa, and use an all purely African cast. This is black-american thing for their “pride” about being somehow related to Africa.

I’m looking forward to this film because it is Black Panther. And I love this particular character so much. I’m a Marvel fan and there’s a lot to hope for from this film. I hope it won’t disappoint, and I hope the last stone is in Wakanda. Also, seeing that it comes just before Infinity War, it means this movie has a lot going on.

Black Panther Infinity War
Will T’Challa be the leader of the Avengers after Infinity War?

Avengers: Infinity War Movie:

This will be the biggest movie in history. It has taken 10 years to reach here, and it better be the best thing ever. Of course it will be, I mean the trailer is already the most watched trailer in ‘YouTube trailer history’?

Cheaper Data Prices in Kenya

Yes, this will most certainly happen. The competition against Safaricom is doing a good job. Airtel Kenya will finally launch its 4G network in a few weeks, Faiba4G may take off nationwide if they get things right, Telkom Kenya is pushing strongly. This is all good for us the consumers.

An exciting e-commerce space in Kenya

Jumia wants to increase its product category this year. And this is the make-or-break year for new entrant from Safaricom’s Masoko.com. Kilimall is also re-designing itself to reach many more people.

But they all face competition from unlikely circles including product specific online retailers, international e-commerce platforms that offer what might not be in Kenya, and supermarkets that are going online. How each e-commerce website makes it through 2018 will be exciting to watch.

What this means for us however is more variety, and satisfaction as all rush for our attention and for our happiness.

A bigger, better Tech-ish.com

This post has just highlighted a few of my personal biggest things that came to mind. What are you looking forward to? Share and let’s have a discussion.

By the way, what do you think Apple will call their next smartphone? iPhone 9 or iPhone IX or iPhone 11 or iPhone XI?


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