RivPage – An E-Commerce Company Connecting Buyers in Kenya & Nigeria with Quality Products from USA Stores & Manufacturers

At RivPage, Quality is our Recipe, Priority and Taste. We are playing with the big leagues of E-Commerce & Shipping Services in Kenya and Nigeria

RivPage is the best online shopping store for Quality and Original products from USA. The company is located in Newark, Delaware,  in the USA.

Due to the increased demand for quality and authentic products in Kenya, the company under the management of Philly Online Distribution Incorporation has opened a new branch in Nairobi, Kenya and is already changing the taste and the way Kenyans shop online.

The branch in Kenya is headed by Mr. David Ng’ang’a, who is a brilliant young man. David graduated from Karatina University with a Bachelor degree in Actuarial Science and is a Certified Investment and Financial Analyst (CIFA). Driven by the dream to transform the online shopping sector in Kenya, Mr. Ng’ang’a is a stern believer of quality products and services.

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Through his unique managerial skills and efforts, the company has embarked on a mission entitled “Quality products for every Kenyan” which has already received a huge attention amongst many Kenyans who have become tired and frustrated with low-quality products.

Quality is our Recipe, Priority and Taste.

The company is a strong advocate of quality products for every Kenyan. Kenya has in the recent past become a dumping site for low quality, cheap products.

These are mostly counterfeits items compromised in terms of price and quality and they often fail within a short span of usage.

Most Kenyans have also been outwitted by sellers of these items due to the lack of knowledge needed to identify a genuine product.

RivPage was launched to solve this problem by enabling shoppers buy quality and authentic products directly from USA manufacturers, retails and online stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Shoprite and many more.

Our management team works hard on a daily basis to ensure this solution continues to reach as many Kenyans as possible. We have a platform that is convenient, easy to navigate and user friendly for all customers. Through the simple user interface, one can browse a store of their choice and purchase the products they want directly.

Alternatively, we as RivPage can buy the products for you in case you are not able to purchase them directly from the online stores.

Through the RivPage Platform, Kenyans are now able to shop directly from their desired foreign stores using their local credit cards and get the products delivered to their specific locations and doorsteps in Kenya. We promise a delivery time-frame of 10 days or less.

We use the fast, secure and trusted air and sea shipping services and we boast of good customer services. We have affiliate programs with most online and retail stores in the USA which enable our customers’ products to be shipped to our warehouse in USA in just a day or two after the purchase is finalized.

According to Mr. Ng’ang’a “Customers are always right and are the most precious assets. We train our employees , especially the customer services department to go the extra mile to make sure all customers are fully satisfied. We  work 7 days a week to ensure all our customers are fully served. We are always available to pick up our customers’ calls irrespective of the time of the day.

Our delivery services from USA to Kenya to the customers are not only fast. safety is also assured. We have the lowest shipping and delivery costs charging you just $12 per Kilogram plus a standard handling fee of $9.99.

The main mission of Rivpage.Com is to ensure all customers in Kenya are able to get the real value of their money by purchasing quality, original and authentic products from USA

Day by day Rivpage is becoming the popular solution for all Kenyans who are looking for Quality Electronics, Gym Equipment, Research Materials, Women Clothing, Men Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry, Books, Office Materials, Baby Products, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Beauty Products, Make up, Security Lighting, Hair, Toys, Toyota Parts, Mitsubishi Parts, Subaru parts and more.

Original and high-quality devices like iPhones that have revolutionized the world can all be yours just by a click of a button, without necessarily leaving your office, your home or even your kitchen. Without having  to pay extra exorbitant prices as those charged be re-sellers in Kenya. There are no hidden or extra charges when using RivPage.

RivPage does not sell poor quality products regardless of their affordable prices. Customers are therefore advised not to gain the misconception that cheap products from USA are substandard or compromised in quality. Quality is our Recipe, Priority and Taste.

Rivpage is very open and straightforward to its esteemed customers. We have a guaranteed delivery policy which allows you to get the product at the same exact price tag from manufactures directly to your doorstep. For our customers within Nairobi area, we have free delivery services. For those outside Nairobi environs, we can deliver to your door step using our affiliated local couriers or you can personally pick up your goods in our office in Nairobi.

Remember: RivPage presents a golden opportunity for everybody in Kenya. We know you are tired and frustrated with poor and low-quality products. So do not wait any longer. Get the real value of your money by shopping quality products from USA through Rivpage.com.

Website: https://rivpage.com/

Customer service email: customerservice@rivpage.com

For queries or clarification, kindly do not hesitate to call 0721161869 for more information

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/RivPageInternational/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RivpageInterna1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rivpageinternational1/

Whatsapp: 072116869


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