WorldCup 2018 Fever: How to get a Cool Affordable TV in Kenya

If you’re on a budget of Ksh. 0 to 25k, the following ideas should help you out. World Cup, Russia 2018 starts in 10 days, and the best way to not miss a moment is to have a cool TV so as to be totally immersed in the moment. Here are some TVs going for cheap that I’ve seen online that would totally do you good this season.


Perhaps the best deal on this list, for me personally. This is a smart TV with an inbuilt ROKU Stick. The CPU is a quadcore processor, the resolution is 1366×768, and boasts of a contrast ratio of 4000:1. You can mirror your phone, stream Netflix directly, download Apps. There’s also 3 HDMI Ports. Costs just Ksh. 20,500 on Avechi.com.

KONKA 32 inch HD TV

This one costs just Ksh. 17,000. Kilimall says they’ve slashed price from 30k (if you believe that). It is advertised as having 1080p resolution but specs list says resolution is 1366×768, so take note. However the panel is Samsung made. Get it from Kilimall: http://bit.ly/2syVpsM

TLS 19 inch Digital TV with inbuilt Decoder

This one already has you sorted with Free to Air channels. It is available on Avechi.com and is quite a small TV at 19 inches. But the good thing about it is only Ksh. 7500, which is the price of a really cheap smartphone.

HISENSE 32N2173- 32″ – HD – Digital TV

Image result for HISENSE 32N2173

This is Ksh. 22,000. Resolution is 1366 x 768. Has 3 HDMI ports, and Dolby digital audio. It also has DVBT2 inbuilt, so free to air ready. Check it out: http://bit.ly/2Jsvw8H

Skyworth 32E3000 32 inch TV

It is MHL Enabled allowing connection to mobile phones, if your phone supports this. So you can mirror content from phone directly to TV. It has a resolution of  1366 x 768 and does up to 220 nits brightness. Has 2 HDMI ports. Costs Ksh. 19000 on Avechi.com.



Image result for TCL 28D2900

With the same resolution as the ones above, an inbuilt DVBT2 tuner, two HDMI ports, and Dolby Digital Audio tuned, this is a good deal for just Ksh. 16000 on Avechi.com

TESLA 40S317BF – 40” – Full HD Digital LED TV

Image result for  TESLA 40S317BF

If you want to go bigger and better, for a slightly steeper price, this would be your best bet. 40 inch full HD 1920×1080 resolution. There’s two HDMI ports and an inbuilt DVBT2 tuner for free to air channels. It isn’t a smart TV though. But it is a steal for just Ksh. 26,200 on Jumia: http://bit.ly/2kJ1eR3

Check out more TVs on the websites listed as there is always a new offer. Share your choices.

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