Infinix Note 5 will be part of Google’s Android One Project

A couple of years back when Google launched the Android One Project, Infinix was among the first manufacturers to get on-board, and the first to bring an Android One device to the Kenyan market. That was the Infinix Hot 2 X510 which I reviewed.

Back then, Android One was a project to streamline the low end devices experience by assuring fast, frequent security patches, and two years assured update to the latest version of Android. Many viewed it as a project for low end devices. And that’s why most of the Android One’s then were low end phones.

But things have changed. And this year we’ve seen even very high ends phones from Nokia are part of the Android One project.

An Android One is now lucrative as you’re not only getting good specs, you’re also getting stock untouched Android. Kind of what used to be a Nexus, kind of an affordable Pixel phone.

The Infinix Note 5 will be part of the Android One Project and there’s many reasons why this is exciting:

  • The Note line is my favourite line of Infinix phones
  • Big display, big battery, good cameras – on stock Android means a smooth experience, good battery life and incredible performance
  • Assured, consistent updates – so if you want Android P real quick…

The specs of the phone are not yet known, but we can speculate based on the past that it will be a 6 inch device with a 1080p display, and since it is 2018, the bezels will be greatly reduced. Maybe there will be a dual camera system on the Pro version and a single camera on the normal version.

What we know though is that the X-pen on the Pro will be updated. I hope this time it will be much better, and hidden within the phone. You can read my disappointment with the first gen X-pen. I also hope battery size will be increased in both versions.

Face Unlock, which has grown popular in recent times could also be a feature, but being an Android One device with stock Android 8.1 Oreo, we can’t be sure. Which Android One device has face unlock?

The phone launches on June 24th in Dubai, and in terms of pricing I’m thinking anywhere between 16k and 25k for the Note 5 and the Note 5 Pro respectively.

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