2018 Recap

When I started a tech blog back in 2014 while still a confused second year, I never imagined it would be something I’d want to do full time. It was for fun, but it has grown to be more than just that.

This year, I moved to Nairobi. I told myself it made sense to run a tech blog from the capital – the centre where things happen. I didn’t have the resources, I didn’t have a clue as to how I’d survive, I was confused. But I was determined. If the site wouldn’t work, then I would get a job or something. I mean, I am a recent graduate with many skills… thrice I applied in some companies I like, no one offered me an opportunity, so I decided I would focus on this thing we like calling content creation.

I am still in that state of constant questioning. Should I get like a job, know how it feels to work (I’ve never been employed anywhere). Or should I stay put and build whatever crazy thing it is I imagine I am building. Sometimes I tell myself a job will act as a cushion for when things get hard. We’ll see about this in 2019.

One thing that’s solid even as I wait to celebrate 5 years come April 2019 is that I enjoy what I do on this site. From the writing, to the images, and to the videos. And I want to do more of that. And ‘more’ will be the drive come the new year. I want to reach more people through different stories – not just gadgets.

To them who constantly ask why I called it tech-ish, I’ve said this many times: it is because I couldn’t find something cooler. I wanted something that showed that I talked about tech sometimes. In 2019, hopefully, I will have a wider variety of content around tech, but also around other things I enjoy from films, to travel. Also, for them who always ask about giveaways… let’s get ready.

In 2018 we had just over 1.8 million pageviews for this site, 510,000+ views on YouTube and an extra 2910 subscribers. Thank you! I am constantly amazed, being that I do all this alone.

I hope to create better content for all of you next year. Stay put. Happy New Year!



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