TECNO launches its first KaiOS smart feature phone

You are familiar with Android and iOS which power smartphones across the world. You may however not be familiar with KaiOS, the world’s leading operating system for smart feature phones. Yes, there’s a whole ecosystem of people using feature phones that are actually smart with access to apps, and even Google Assistant.

3 months ago, KaiOS Technologies announced they’d raised $50 Million in an effort to expand its feature phone OS. At that time, the OS was running on 100 Million handsets. The total funding as at then for the company was $72 Million, and this was just less than a year after Google invested $22 Million in the business.


Back in February, the company also announced they had sealed deals with 6 distribution firms located in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania to sell mobile phones running on its operating system. Well, TECNO Mobile has announced its first KaiOS powered smart feature phone: the T901.

KaiOS Technologies CEO Sebastien Codeville said then, “Our mission is to close the digital divide by bringing advanced digital services to the billions of people who are still without internet.”  

Well with the launch of the TECNO T901, KaiOS is definitely going to reach many more people across Africa. TECNO is owned by Transsion Holdings which also owns Infinix and itel Brands. Transsion holdings are the biggest sellers of phones – both smartphones and feature phones – across Africa.

KaiOS enables a new category of smart feature phones that require limited memory, while still offering a rich user experience. It supports 3G and 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC. KaiOS-enabled phones come with popular apps and services like WhatsApp, the Google Assistant, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Maps, as well as a store for apps called the KaiStore. The only KaiOS phone already officially available in the country is the Banana Phone from Nokia.

“With the arrival of TECNO T901 powered by KaiOS, users gain access to apps such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Maps, and others on an affordable TECNO smart feature phone for the first time. The phone also supports GPS, Wi-Fi, and 3G, with significant network speed growth and better anti-signal interference performance as well as faster signal reception in call mode than those in 2G. TECNO T901 also comes equipped with the Google Assistant, allowing users to operate the device with their voice. With all these features, TECNO is practicing our commitment to allowing the consumers to reach beyond their current limitations and uncover a world of possibilities.” – Stephen Ha, Managing Director of TECNO Mobile.


TECNO T910 KaiOS Specifications:

The TECNO T901 is equipped with a hybrid dual-SIM slot which can support two SIM cards and with 512MB +256MB memory for more spaces to save users precious memories. It boasts a 2.4-inch QVGA display with 240×320 pixels resolution, and a powerful 1900mAh battery which enables 25 days of standby time and up to 19 hours of non-stop calling. There’s both a front and a rear camera with built-in flash light

Pricing and availability is yet to be announced. The T901 will be available in three color options: gold, blue and black.


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