Instagram Dark Mode is finally here

Instagram has officially announced Dark Mode for its app on both Android 10 and iOS 13. Which is a big thing for all dark-mode lovers, and everyone else who strains while using the normal blindingly white Instagram UI.

The downside is this: You have to have either Android 10, or iOS 13 running. If you’re not on these two platforms you cannot experience the new Dark Mode. Which is a bummer for millions of Android Users who are yet to, or will probably never receive Android 10.

The other downside is this: you have to turn the whole system on your phone to Dark Mode for this to work. There’s no in-app toggle to switch to dark mode. In Android 10, switch on Dark Mode under Settings then launch the Instagram App to find it in Dark Mode. Wish there was just a simple toggle like on other apps.

One Upside is this: Instagram didn’t make their Dark Mode an iPhone only feature like Twitter is still doing with their “Lights Out”.

Another upside is this: Instagram’s Dark Mode is really really BLACK. Not like dark mode on Google Apps where it is sort of grey, or washed out. This is perfect black, and works very well with OLED displays.

If you’re on Android 10, or iOS 13, update your apps.

Instagram is also removing the Following Activity Tab where you could check whom your friends are following, or what they liked, commented on etc.

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