Swap your old Camon Phone for the new TECNO Camon 12 Series at Carlcare Centres

Can you list the TECNO Camon Series in order of launch? How far back can you go? Which devices can you really remember?

Anyways, if you bought an old TECNO Camon device, and have been eyeing the new Camon 12 Series, TECNO has a deal for you.

This year, there’s three devices in the Camon 12 Series:

With TECNO’s offer, you can walk into any Carlcare centre, give them your old Camon phone, and get any of the new Camon 12 Series for much reduced prices.

TECNO Camon 12 Trade-in Deal

Here’s how this works:

  1. First, not all TECNO Phones can be swapped. It has to be either of the following recent Camon phones: Camon CM, Camon X, Camon X Pro, Camon 11, Camon 11 Pro. If your device is older than the above, you’re not eligible.
  2. Second. You have to take your old Camon device to a Carlcare centre. Presumably, you’ll need to show proof it is your device. So carry a receipt or something. Because anyone may present even stolen property if this were to work without proof.
  3. Third, a Carlcare centre person will check your old phone, to evaluate its worth, and how well it is generally, before telling you how much you should top-up to get a new Camon 12 device.
  4. The maximum subsidy is up to KES. 9,183. Which means if you have a really good phone, you’ll slash this amount from the amount of either of the three Camon 12 models you want to buy.
  5. This runs till November 18th 2019, so make sure to try it out on time if you’re interested in the deal.

So for example, if you get the maximum subsidy of KES. 9,183, then you can walk away with the Camon 12 Air for as little as KES. 4,316.

Note that: Subsidies will vary depending on the state of the phone you’re trading in. Of course this will also depend on the said “Carlcare Professional” who will “evaluate your phone”.

TECNO has also said it will be offering gift hampers to customers who order the new TECNO Camon 12 devices on their official website, or in select stores countrywide.

Here’s my reviews of the normal Camon 12:

My review of the Camon 12 Air is coming soon.

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