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WordPress launches new way for Bloggers to get Paid

WordPress launches New Subscription Payment for Bloggers to Earn

One of the major ways many creators, artists, makers, etc. across the world are making a living is through the subscription model that allows them to get paid by their audiences. WordPress is now making it easier for everyone using their platform to accept recurring payments from their audiences.

It is essentially giving people who use WordPress a fully customizable subcription model to allow them to earn a living through the things they do with their sites. Sites can now charge for newsletters, exclusive content, donations etc. in a recurring way e.g. weekly, monthly, yearly.

WordPress’s new Recurring Payments tool is already up, and open to everyone across the world.

Who’s eligible?

Well, anyone is. Ideally. Unless you’re in Africa and Stripe – they payment method used – isn’t yet available yet in your country.

Anyway, anyone with a paid WordPress site, or a self-hosted domain that uses the Jetpack Plugin is eligible. All you need to do is set it up.

How to Connect WordPress Recurring Payments:

  • Go to
  • Go to the site you want to activate the new feature,
  • Under Tools, you’ll see a new EARN tab.
  • Choose Collect recurring payments
  • Connect to Stripe
  • Enter Business details including Business Number, Social Security etc.
WordPress Recuring Payments Stripe

Advantages of the new feature:

  • Simple and Fast
  • In-built to WordPress
  • No need for third party plugins – Only Jetpack needed on self-hosted sites.
  • Automatically bills subscribers
  • Supports Multiple Subscription Options
  • Accepts payments from over 135 countries
  • One can easily manage subscribers
  • Subscribers can cancel at any time

The new feature will not necessarily be for creators only. There’s many WordPress sites across the world that do different things. From exclusive clubs with membership, to rent payment sites. With the customisability of the feature, the new feature will definitely be used in very many different ways than can be listed now.



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