TECNO Spark 5 Launching in Kenya Soon

TECNO Mobile Kenya has confirmed that they will soon be launching the Spark 5 Series in the market. This new series will be replacing the Spark 4 and Spark 4 Air which launched a couple of months back. We as yet don’t have details on the new series, or even how many phones will be part of the series.

The company has however in a release said that the Spark 5 will feature a unique 5 camera system designed to enhance photography and videography experiences. They’ve also said the Spark 5 will feature a bigger battery and a larger immersive display screen, bringing to life photos and videos, and is powered by best-in-class AI technology.

Dickson Ireri, East Africa Regional Training manager, said: “Over the past year, we have stepped up our presence in the region, because of the demand from our fans who want high-quality features at accessible prices. Our previous smartphones saw strong demand, building the community of TECNO Mobile fans in the UAE. The Spark 5 will include powerful camera capabilities across its five cameras, backed by artificial intelligence; Subsequently, the Spark 5 has the potential to take professional-grade images. Consumers in the region want access to the latest innovation for a better-connected life, and with the Spark 5, we will give them just that.” 

In the release, the company says:

  • On the phone’s camera system that there will be a new upgraded ‘AI Camera 3.0’ algorithm that will support scene detection capabilities.
  • There will be 6 flashlights with 4 situated around the back camera and dual front camera flash.
  • There will be a 5,000mAh built-in battery which is an improvement on the 4,000 mAh battery in the previous model.
  • There will be a 6.52″ dot-in Screen with a 720*1600 HD resolution

We still don’t have dates for the new Spark 5, but we can expect an official launch from around early May with sales going live in the second week. What are your expectations of the new Spark 5?



  1. Even if you could have been disappointed with one one tecno, you can’t be so srupid to use that language. Tecno are generally good phones in comparison to many, it’s upcoming and will soon compete with bignames

  2. F**k tecno one of the three worst phones on Earth. I wish God would just kill all the tecno users or they switch to the world’s third best phone xiaomi which is currently overtaking iPhones

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