Tips To Use Your Microwave Oven Safely

A must-have in all modern kitchens, a microwave oven helps you with cooking, baking, grilling, roasting, toasting. It saves time while maintaining the nutrient and water content of the food. Cooking in a microwave oven is not like any conventional cooking. Microwave ovens are super practical, especially if you’re in a rush. They heat food quickly; in half the time taken by a conventional oven and can also be used for thawing.

Microwave ovens are usually safe when used correctly. Here are some tips that will help you avoid any untoward accidents in the kitchen.

Be careful of what you put in the microwave

Metal utensils tend to shield and spark and cause a fire. Always remove the aluminum foil or any seal before heating your food in a microwave. Do not use paper cups or disposable utensils for cooking and heating. The best materials for microwaving are ceramic and glass, although polypropylene or polyethylene is fine. Never use bottles or jars with narrow necks, as the pressure can build up in them, causing them to explode.

Don’t crowd the microwave

Different foods are going to heat in different ways. Denser food will heat different when compared to foods composed of more liquids. Liquids heat up a lot quicker, but will also lose heat faster. Crowding the microwave with multiple foods will interfere with the cooking process.

Stir food occasionally 

A microwave has a turning table so that food is heated evenly. Even so, not all parts will be heated thoroughly. You need to stir the food to spread the heat evenly. At regular intervals, open your microwave and stir your food to make sure it’s heated thoroughly throughout.

Keep an eye on the food

The leading cause of fire inside a microwave oven is often potatoes and popcorn. It will be safe if you always pay close attention to the food cooking inside the microwave.

Clean your microwave often 

Avoid washing the insides of the microwave with too much water. To clean your appliance, wet a tissue, soak it in a mild soap and clean the microwave. Wipe the microwave clean with a dry cloth and leave the lid open for at least an hour for the soap’s smell to escape. You should always cover your food when microwaving, even if it is just with a paper towel, to avoid food from splattering all over the interior of your microwave.

Always read the user manual

​Before using a new microwave oven, always read the user manual and safety precautions first. The manual will have specific instructions about which settings to use as well as safety advice. Your oven should be serviced only by service personnel. Therefore, always call for professional help for your microwave repair or examination.

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