Official Android 11 update for Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 rolls out in Kenya

The Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 Series should be receiving Android 11 Update now. My Galaxy NOTE 10+ has just been updated to the latest Android version, and this is without checking for the update, meaning if you’re a NOTE 10 user who hasn’t seen the update, probably check your updates and see.

Since the update has rolled out, and downloaded on its own, I can’t quite point out what size of an update you should expect. But it will definitely be more than 2GB given what we’ve seen before.

The Galaxy NOTE 10+ came running Android 9 Pie. In January of 2020, it received Android 10, and now in January of 2021, it is receiving Android 11. This appears to be its last major upgrade, unless Samsung works something out and brings Android 12 to the device.

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If you’re in Kenya and you use any major banking app on a day to day basis, you can hold on from installing the upgrade as it will affect your access to the app. Most Kenyan banks haven’t updated their apps to serve Android 11 customers.

It is a whole new revamp with the new things being:

  1. NEW user interface – ONEUI 3.0
  2. New Operating system of course – Android 11
  3. Revamped notifications, including bubble floating notifications
  4. New Volume controls
  5. New Always-ON settings for the Super AMOLED panel
  6. New access to Widgets
  7. Goodbye to Bixby Home, hello to Samsung Free
  8. and much more tiny updates.
  9. Also, the phone feels really smooth (I hope battery life won’t be affected)


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