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How to Upgrade Your Website Design with End-Users in Mind

There are several comprehensive steps to upgrade your website design with your end users in mind. When properly designed, your business website helps guide your end users through the buyer journey. Of course, this can drive more conversions, enhance your online presence, and optimise user satisfaction. As the evolution of the internet continues to impact industries across the globe, it is imperative to learn how to enhance your existing site. With numerous optimisation factors to consider, it can be challenging to know where to start, but enrolling in one of the website development courses will surely help you. Fortunately, there are several easy steps you can follow to significantly improve your online performance. Read on to learn about how to upgrade your website design with end users in mind.

Improve On-Site Navigation

To upgrade your website design, you need to optimize your navigation bar so that users can better access your content. Optimizing your page navigation is a critical web design hacks for beginners. To effectively organize your menu, identify the core categories and subcategories for your site. Then, you divide these in a way that is easily defined and understood by your users. Keep in mind that providing too many categories can confuse your users of which path to take. Of course, you should make sure that the wording on your menu is clear, concise, and direct. Ideally, you want to keep your navigation labels to ten characters or less. To upgrade your website design in 2020, be sure to improve on-site navigation.

Stream Engaging Content

Streaming engaging, high-quality content is a unique technology to upgrade your website design with end users in mind. Streaming informative videos is an excellent way build brand recognition, foster a community, and boost your SEO rankings. Today, it’s easier than ever to integrate video within your website. Moreover, many people have PC and mobile streaming platforms already installed. If you are looking to stream a video snippet, TV show, or movie on your website, there are dozens of advanced solutions to choose from. For example, Ombi is a self-hosted web application that you can link to multiple DVR, TV Show, and streaming platforms. Once integrated, this unique application empowers you to deliver an seamless end-to-end user experience for your site visitors. 

Optimise Your Site For Mobile

To optimize your business website with your end-users in mind, you need to optimize your site for mobile. Optimizing mobile friendliness is a surefire web design idea to double your sales. Ideally, you want to make your website adaptive to any kind of mobile device. To support a wide range of tablets or smartphones, you should always scale your images and use short metadata. Of course, you should additionally avoid pop-ups that can potentially block your content. This way, site visitors can get a quick, easy understanding about what your content is all about. To optimize your mobile site for your valuable end users, you need to improve your mobile-friendliness. If you’re using any of today’s top eCommerce website builders, this will not be an issue at all as most of them were already mobile-friendly with fully enhanced features.

Implement Clear Calls To Action

To upgrade your business website in 2020, you need to implement clear calls to action, or CTAs. When you design your CTAs, you need to use strong command verbs and other words that encourage enthusiasm or emotion. Of course, this can give your site visitors a reason to follow the desired action. To design the best calls to action, consider popular formats like web page buttons, opt-in campaign popups, anchor texts, or social media posts. These features will dramatically increase your conversion rate overall. To optimize your business’s site in 2020, implement clear, direct calls to action.

Design Site URLs For Search Engine Friendliness

To optimize your enterprise website, you need to design your URLs for search engine friendliness. Ideally, you need to prepare your URLs with keywords that describe the theme, topic, and title of the page. Of course, this can help high-traffic search engines like Google to effectively crawl your site. Using these techniques, you can improve your website’s Google rankings and overall SEO. Moreover, clear, search friendly URLs help potential site visitors more easily find your web pages. To optimize your small business website in 2020, design your site URLs for search engine friendliness. 

There are several techniques to upgrade your website design with end users in mind. First, you need to optimize your navigation bar. In addition, consider the value of streaming engaging, high-quality content on your site. At the same time, optimize your site for mobile-friendliness and responsiveness. Moreover, implement clear calls to action, or CTAs to help search engines easily crawl your pages. Furthermore, you need to design your URLs for search engine friendliness. Follow the steps outlined above to learn about how to upgrade your website design with end users in mind.


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