Send money to all networks for free in Telkom’s T-Kash 60-day promo

Telkom Kenya has today announced a 60-day promotion that will see its mobile money service customers send money across all local networks at no cost. Similarly, all customers on the Telkom network will get an extra 25% bonus worth of airtime every time they purchase airtime using T-Kash.

But that’s not all. Telkom says they will also be rewarding customers with data whenever they use T-Kash to pay for bills including utilities like Kenya Power, TV platforms like Startimes, and water bills.

Telkom customers can sign up for T-Kash after registration their SIM at an Authorised agent, upon which the service menus will be shared. The T-Kash menu can be accessed through USSD by dialing *160# or via the SIM Tool Kit. Soon, Telkom promises, there will be a T-Kash app on the Google, Huawei and Apple Stores.

Telkom’s Chief Executive Officer, Mugo KIBATI says the technology company is alive to the need for a convenient and secure financial services platform, and that T-Kash has taken this a step further; eliminating the tariff guide from the transaction equation – sending of money – for a duration of 60 days.  

“COVID-19 has brought with it heightened cost sensitivities with the discerning customer looking for more value at the best possible price. What T-kash is offering the customer for the next 60 days is a platform that takes away the stress of having to constantly make calculations of how much extra money you will need to successfully make a transaction, in this particular case, sending money.” 

Telkom says it is working on further improvements and add-ons to T-Kash. These will be announced progressively in the year, notably, to address: distribution and service availability through a growing agent network, as well as the launch of additional customer channels that will enhance the financial services experience. 

“We have been collating feedback from our customers that has informed the immediate next steps, with respect to the desired T-Kash customer experience: simplicity, affordability and availability,” adds KIBATI.

Financial services, partnerships and digitisation form part of Telkom’s focus areas. In this strategic direction, Telkom seeks to enrich its financial services offering to reflect evolving customer demands.

Recently, the company announced its partnership with the Ministry of ICT’s National Youth Council of Kenya (NYCK), to co-create FURSA, an e-wallet that the company argues will open up a portfolio of financial opportunities to the youth in Kenya.

“Telkom’s Digital Financial Services function is now focused on strategic and deliberate partnerships for impact, in line with our brand’s over-arching focus areas. Our partnership with the NYCK is a clear indicator that more can be done to advance the financial inclusion of our youth. Further digitisation and investment in the mobile money ecosystem will help address a crisis that has been further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic,” adds KIBATI.

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