HMD Global has kept its promises on Nokia devices receiving software updates

When HMD Global launched the new line of Nokia branded phones, one of the company’s main promises was that it will keep the software up to date, and extend support for a long period of time for all its devices. The company has done just that throughout the years, and it is commendable.

All devices launched by HMD Global have received the necessary support, system and security updates throughout the time-frame as had been promised during launch. This cuts across from the cheapest to the most expensive of devices.

Nokia devices have been part of a joint effort by Google in the Android ONE program which promises security patches and software updates. Even though the recently launched devices don’t come with the Android ONE branding, HMD still promises they will get updates.

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HMD Global, through its Nokia devices has been applauded as one of the manufacturers who have greatly contributed to the fighting of Android fragmentation which earlier on forced users to buy a whole new handset so as to access a new version of Android. This made the Android OS feel weird as many users were running an older version of the OS when newer versions had already shipped.

A 2020 report showed that Nokia devices sold by HMD Global in the third quarter of 2019 to the second quarter of 2020 have all been upgraded to Android 10. Currently, these devices are in line to be receiving Android 11 as promised. Very few companies can say this of their whole lineup of phones. Especially considering that some of the devices from Nokia came running Android 8 out of the box.

These devices from Nokia have also emerged top in offering security patches with 100% of them receiving patches. Counterpoint research notes that these has cut across devices that are both on the higher and lower price tiers.

“Regular software and security updates helps not just the overall device experience, but also helps devices retain their value over time,” said the research firm’s Global Content Manager, Ritesh Bendre.


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