The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to re-evaluate their business models from the traditional in-person setting to a new world of online meetings and remote working. Businesses have realised the need to incorporate Digital Technology into their business processes in a bid to survive and adapt to the ‘new normal.

According to the recently released Network Readiness Index report, Africa continues to trail behind other regions, especially when it comes to access, affordability and usage of ICTs. SMEs still lag in their transition, despite potentially tremendous benefits.  A 2019 Economic Surveyfound that firms on average who are adopting digital tools increased their value by 25% and their productivity by 16%.   

As part of their post-Covid recovery strategy, many SMEs are looking to take advantage of the instant connection offered by technology to reach out and get feedback from their customers and apply it to their businesses immediately. To cater for such needs and offer I. T solutions to the African Market, The Adaptis Group announced on Monday, 26th April 2021 that it has acquired Solstice Technologies.  

“Our acquisition of Solstice Technologies today as Adaptis is in a bid to achieve this strategic goal that will shift the market dynamics for the benefit of all Small Businesses.” said Kenneth Mantu, Adaptis Group C.E.O. As part of the Intelligence arm, Solstice Technology will enhance operational efficiency and revolutionize the Group’s I.T operations resulting in better service offering to their clients.

Services relating to Customer relationship management, Payment processing, Decentralized Operations, Technology-Assisted Client Interactions, Digital Advertising to Artificial Intelligence, and Automation are key focus areas for small & medium-sized businesses. As the Official Zoho Partners in Kenya, The Adaptis Group aims to extend all these offerings at a minimal cost that every SME in Kenya can afford.  

Solstice Technologies Limited will continue to operate under its name but wholly remains a subsidiary of The Adaptis Group. “Our clients will continue to receive the same high standard of service for all their I.T needs as they have come to expect.” Added Michael Bullut, Founder and C.E.O of Solstice Technologies.

The Adaptis Group is a key market leader, serving over 40 countries in Africa, and houses portfolio companies in the Engineering, Energy, Business Intelligence and Media Industries.  “As a group, our mission, through our dynamic team of thought leaders, is to leverage our assets to build today in a bid to fund the Africa that we all desire. That begins by taking care of our Small & Medium scale enterprises” said Adaptis Group C.E.O during the official announcement.  

Technology gives small businesses the ability to connect with their customers via e-mail, blogs, social networks, and forums. Growth-minded small-medium sized businesses who readily adapt to new technology benefit greatly with increased revenue, more efficient operations, and reduced expenses.


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