More Expensive Netflix Prices in Kenya Effective May 2021

With the introduction of new taxes in Kenya, Netflix has revised the prices of its offerings in the country. Users will now be required to pay more to access certain bouquets on the platform.

Here are the new Netflix prices in Kenya:

  1. Basic Plan – Remains at KES 700
  2. Standard Plan – Now KES 1,200 up from KES 950
  3. Premium Plan – Now KES 1,450 up from KES 1,200

As you can see, Netflix decided on charging more for the top-tier plans and leaving the basic plan as is. This could be because most Kenyans may be paying for the basic plan. Affecting that would affect the subscibers.

Also, the Standard and Premium plans allow multiple users to access the account at the same time. This means those plans have people sharing the charges.

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It is however crazy how the hike in price is quite significant. For a while, ever since the company changed billing to KES from USD, we’ve enjoyed relatively affordable prices compared to other markets across the world.

How the new change in pricing will affect the number of monthly active users is something we wait to see. As it is right now, Netflix in Kenya should rank among the most expensive monthly billings for entertainment. Of course things like DSTV Premium are at the top of the list.

Do you pay for Netflix? Which bouquet have you subscribed to? And will you continue paying with the new hike in prices?


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