Kenyans lose money with ‘Amazon Web Worker’ App disappearing

An app called ‘Amazon Web Worker’ has disappeared from the Google Play Store. The app – which had been called out by many as a Ponzi scheme – offered Kenyans who signed up a way of making money quickly through referrals. It was akin to many other similar schemes that have deceived Kenyans over the past years.

It is not clear if Google has deleted the app, or if the app was intentionally removed by the developers. The latter could be the case since it is the way Ponzi schemes work. Once enough cash has been deposited, they make a disappearing act.

According to, people had deposited huge sums of money on the platform with others putting in as much as KES 300,000. Kenyans say many were lured with different investment options on the app offering returns of up to 38.5% for a deposit of seven days.

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If you’re not familiar with how these scams work, here’s a quick explainer: You are promised high returns for doing something simple such as referring people to the platform. All you do is deposit some amount of money – there could be packages, then do the simple tasks and watch your alleged revenues grow. The problem is the revenues you’re shown in the app are lies. For the first few days, people may be able to withdraw so as to lure more people in. But after more people sign up and deposit large sums… the trick is complete.

It is crazy. And many people will see the claim by Amazon Web Worker as an obvious scam. Still many fall for it in the desire to make a quick earning. Including well aware learned people.

Do not sign up for apps that promise you quick and easy money. It won’t work. Don’t give out personal information to such apps. Take caution when downloading and installing stuff on your devices, because you may be giving out lots of sensitive data without knowing. Only use verified official sites and apps for your activities.

There will still be more apps promising you quick money for simple tasks. Using big names like Amazon, or employing new tactics to make you believe them. Don’t trust them.



  1. Am a victim too but mungu halali. I urge Kenyans to find out who the owner of kivaa investment limited is because that is a lead to getting the scammer.

  2. I’m a victim as well and my confidence in the App grew out of the fact that it was from Google play.
    Could be the giant be complicit? Who are the owners of Kilala/ kivala investments ltd where Mpesa transactions went to in Kenya ?

  3. Am the victime imagine having lost FA BBI and the other hand the so called amazon mungu halali

  4. It is sad seeing these kind of news. Kenyans do not do their due diligence. For one, Amazon does not work like the way that app was doing. To earn from amazon, you will have to do lots of work by either selling products on the platform, be an affiliate marketing their products and getting paid ONLY when your readers buy.

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