Users will now be able to join, drop and re-join WhatsApp Group calls

Starting today, WhatsApp will be rolling out an update that will allow users to join in on WhatsApp calls. This means users will be able to hop on to an ongoing WhatsApp group call once they’re ready. Users will also be able to leave and join back.

To join a call you’ve been added into but didn’t join immediately, you will need to swipe over to the Calls’ tab and click to join. There will also be a swipe up gesture to see everyone on the call, and those yet to join in. To add a call to the Calls’ tab when its ringing, you can hit ignore.

The new feature means WhatsApp family or friends calls will now be much easier, and not a hustle where you have to join immediately it is set up. You can now choose to join in once comfortable. The calls however remain end-to-end encrypted.

While a sort of similar feature exists with apps like Zoom, Teams, and the rest of the apps, WhatsApp’s implementation is different. This is because WhatsApp is a much personal social app, unlike the others which are professional. There are no links for people to click and join in, and you can only join from the Calls’ tab.

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