, previously FoxWallet, has announced the launch of a limited edition NFT collection called ‘African Hero’. This, the fintech platform says is meant to commemorate Africans who have shaped history, and to inspire young Africans to build a brighter future and to inspire African heroism. says the NFT collection depicts the North African, Septimius Severus (AD145 – AD211) during his reign as the Roman emperor from AD193 to AD211. The collection, the platform says, aims to highlight the achievements of Africans who have made invaluable contributions to science, technology, economics and other areas of human advancement.

Details here:

When:21st January 2022
Time:7pm UTC
Where: OpenSea NFT Marketplace

“By resurrecting the legacy of the great African-born Roman Emperor, Septimius Severus, we want to inspire young Africans to rise up and take their rightful place as global leaders who will shape the future” said, Lonwabo Fololo Co-Founder and COO of Severus.

“We’re living in the greatest of times, the financial and technological revolution known as Web3 is happening before our eyes. As we endeavour to combine the best of our legacy financial systems with the best of decentralised finance, we believe it’s important for Africans to understand not only the financial opportunity that the Web3 revolution brings, but also the opportunity for Mama Africa to liberate herself. ” said Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder Bruce Martin


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