What do you need to start your own business as a handyman?

Becoming a handyman can make for a rewarding business. This is a role where you have to be versatile: each day you’ll be spending your time doing all sorts of different DIY and maintenance jobs in domestic and business environments. From electrical maintenance to painting and decorating, you’ll be called in for all sorts of different tasks. But how do you get started? Below we explore what you need to start your handyman business. 

A business plan

business plan is crucial when you start any venture. You should begin this by carrying out research in your local area. What part of town has a niche for a competent handyman? Who will your rivals be? What will set you apart? Where will your base be? By identifying and answering these questions you can begin the journey towards setting up the business. 


Marketing is important for getting business as a handyman. One of the best ways to promote yourself is through word of mouth. If someone’s looking for an odd job to be sorted, they’ll ask their friends for a trustworthy contact. By putting your name out there and urging clients to recommend you, then you’ll be in a position to pick up more work. 


To carry out the wide range of jobs you’ll be asked to complete, you’ll need a huge selection of tools. Ideally, your tools will be high quality and will be able to withstand years of use. A range of Milwaukee tools can meet this requirement and put you in a position to succeed for years to come. You’ll also need to consider purchasing a secure vehicle where you can house your tools. 


There are some docs that you’ll need to complete when you start your business too. You’ll need to register as an official businesswith the government to legally carry out work as a handyman. In most situations it’ll be easier for your to register as a sole trader to avoiding separating your work finances and personal finances.


Getting insurance is important too. By getting business insurance or public liability insurance, you can have peace of mind that an accident won’t bring your business down. If you’re not fully covered then a single mistake could lead to your business paying out a significant sum in compensation. 

Starting your own business as a handyman can be extremely exciting. You won’t have a boss and you’ll be able to take on jobs as and when you please. Just remember to form a business plan, purchase the right tools and sort out your insurance to begin your journey on solid foundations. 

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