Syinix has launched the U51 Series in the Kenyan market. With the new series, Syinix promises a ton of features including 4K resolution, HDR10+ ratings, Dolby Vision support, and much more. The series brings in three different sizes of TVs:

  • 50 inches
  • 55 inches and
  • 58 inches

Syinix has been operational in the Kenyan market since 2016. It is part of the Transsion group of companies. The new U51 series is a major leap in the company’s offerings in the TV space. The company has built what looks to be a really interesting device for many users in Kenya.

Android TV 11:

This is among the first smart TVs in the market to bring offer Android TV 11 out of the box. For a while now, most Android TV devices have been running Android TV 9.

Syinix U51 Series launched in Kenya bringing 4K HDR10+ and Android TV 11

The new version of Android for the TV has features that are pretty exciting including support for Google Duo, better handling of tasks and managing of resources

The dedicated Google Assistant button on the remote allows you to quickly access and talk to the smart assistant for tasks on your TV, or even your smart home setup. There’s in-built Chromecast allowing you to cast stuff to your screen and enjoy content seamlessly from your small screen phone, to your large screen television.

Built-in Satellite TV:

Should you fall in the category that still enjoys traditional good-old TV, you can access all free-to-air channels on the TV. All you need is to connect your aerial to the TV scan and watch.

This is a good value add for everyone as it removes the need of buying a set-top box, and also avails content should you not have an internet connection, as is required by Android TV.

Voltage Protection:

If you live in an area where you can’t be sure of your power – meaning there’s frequent fluctuations in voltage, here’s a TV that has that already sorted out. Meaning there’s no need to buy a surge protector. The TV will automatically handle such tasks, keeping itself safe from the times when power is being weird.

Syinix U51 Series launched in Kenya bringing 4K HDR10+ and Android TV 11

Syinix has pointed out that the main reasons for getting the TV include:

  1. The picture quality – 4K with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support means Syinix paid for these certifications and tests. It means these are TVs that can be trusted to deliver really good images immersing you in the content you may want to watch.
  2. Sound quality – With the HiFi Box speaker which supports Dolby Audio, users can be assured of good sound quality and a rich experience when consuming movies, music etc.

The company has also pointed out that with the U51 series, the viewing angles of the display used is great from all viewing points. This means you can enjoy watching your TV from multiple angles with no problems.

The TVs are immediately available in Kenya and can be purchased from Syinix retailers across the country. Prices range from KES 57,300 to KES 73,999.



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