How Technology Has Changed the Betting Industry?

Betting is the process of placing bets or taking advantage of odds in the hope of winning. Betting is still extremely famous because of the positive emotions or adrenaline rush that comes with risk, and that attraction hasn’t changed since it was invented. Despite the changes in the industry due to advances in technology, betting is still a popular pastime and hobby.

Clearly, technology has changed the way people play, from dice and cards in 100 AD to a city of casinos and betting shops with touch screen kiosks in the 21st century. The development of technology has greatly influenced this activity.

Technology and the betting

The difficulty for traditional high street bookmakers is to continue to attract customers to their stores due to contests from mobile apps that users can use at home or on the go. Therefore, apps and technologies are increasingly being introduced to bookmakers using touch screen betting kiosks so that players can enjoy communication while benefiting from the convenience of technology.

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In order to attract customers to betting shops, bookmakers provide several key things that cannot be done at home. Online betting is limited to card use only, a system that can sometimes conduct to fear of spending more money or identity issues – the store accepts cash and therefore customers can limit their spending. There is also the sociable aspect of betting that online chats on sites cannot replace. From bookmakers to customers, the sense of community of bookmakers creates an ambiance that cannot be undergone on a mobile phone screen at home.

With the introduction of tablet kiosks in betting shops, the in-store experience combines the convenience of using mobile apps with the sociability of the bookmakers. With built-in devices from ticket printing and cash acceptors to loyalty card scanning, tablet kiosks provide the convenience of using mobile apps with the functionality of incorporated devices.

One company that has been impacted by technology is Parimatch. Parimatch is a licensed international brand with a 28-year history. It proposes a great range of instant games and sports to bet on. What you should do to play with Parimatch is to contribute a small minimum input and you will have a guaranteed convenient and quick payout. To get information about withdrawing your money use https://parimatch.in/blog/en/withdraw-money/. For your convenience, you can use the mobile app. Moreover, Parimatch gives different promotions for players. Customer support is also accessible 24/7 via online chat, email, or WhatsApp.

How technology has changed the betting industry?

With the rise of the internet and further technological advances in online gambling, there has been a huge change in how people place bets and in the number of options available to them. More and more bookmakers are focusing on making the very best online product. Of course, some bettors still prefer traditional bookmakers, but in terms of convenience, online betting sites are second to none. How technology has affected betting and which industries have been changed, we will analyze below:

  1. Betting offers

More online betting sites signify more online betting propositions. Every new bookmaker entering the market has a new client offer that new users can have. You usually have a selection between sports betting bonus or a casino sale. Promotions and propositions are not only for new clients. There are live betting offers, mobile exclusives, and other innovative deals that would not have been possible without the development of technology over the past two decades.

  1. Mobile apps

It is essential that betting companies have a modern mobile app on the lid of a traditional desktop website. Many players like to bet on the go, but even users who watch sports from home find it easier to just pick up their phone and block a bet rather than to set up a computer. Betting apps have enhanced a lot in the last five years. The best bookmakers have incredibly quick and trustworthy mobile products, and the Face ID login feature on iPhone is also a big deal. This would also not have been possible without advances in technology. 

  1. Live bets

Sites propose in-play odds on the most significant events as well as slot sports throughout the world all day, every day. Now users can follow what is happening with the help of graphics and up-to-date statistics, and in some cases even live streaming. Most bookmakers have a devoted live betting department and some even suggest odds ups and in-play requested bets, especially for Premier League or Champions League football.

  1. Media Marketing

While the betting products themselves have undergone a huge change, the same can be said for marketing methods and the general release of digital content. Betting companies can use targeted ads on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to try and develop acquisitions, but there are more creative methods that are being used such as viral content and influencer marketing. In addition, various bookmakers have created YouTube channels and podcasts, and this can help build brand awareness as much as anything else.

  1. Rise of esports

Having become one of the most popular sports on online betting sites, esports has taken off. Now you can bet on popular games like CS: GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, and many more. Some bookmakers have a particular tab for esports and can thus optimize a whole section of their website for bettors and gamers. Even when most main sports closed in the spring of 2020, esports was able to keep going, with even players like Formula 1 and the NBA organizing their stars to participate in esports events.


Technology inevitably affects all areas of our lives. The betting industry is no exception. The development of technology has made its own rules in the functioning of this activity. Basically, all these influences have only a positive effect.


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