5 best Metatrader 5 brokers in 2022

Metatrader 5 is a popular trading platform for trading forex as well as for stocks, futures, and other trading instruments.

In comparison to the Metatrader 4, it has additional features that make the trading process more convenient and become a good choice for traders. 

In this article, we will look at some of the best brokers for Metatrader 5 and outline the benefits of each. 

So if you are looking for a top-quality MT5 broker, let’s start exploring them with us.

The Metatrader 5

MT5 trading platform has been created several years after its predecessor and includes a wider range of features and tools for traders alike. Many people might think that this updated version is nearly identical to Metatrader 4 but they are wrong because it was designed with different purposes in mind. The main characteristics that distinguish the Metatrader 5 from Metatrader 4 are:

  • more timeframes
  • built-in VPS and economic calendar
  • unlimited number of charts

Best Metatrader 5 broker in 2022

Let’s go through 5 MT5 brokers we have outlined and get acquainted with the benefits of each:

1. HFM

HFM is the leading MT5 brokerage company that offers top-notch trading tools and thousands of trading products you can trade on MT5. The HFM is famous for its various range of trading products and account types, great customer service, and 0$ fees on deposits. 

This brokerage company is the best choice you can make in order to trade with Metatrader 5. 

2. Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets offers a quality trading product and the opportunity to trade on Metatrader 5 for ones who want an easy-to-use interface and fast data displays. It is a reliable broker that is famous as a Forex and CFD provider, so anyone can be safe when trading with it.

3. FX Pro

This Metatrader 5 broker offers traders high levels of security and quick execution with a global reach. The company supplies over 250 tradable instruments, including more than 70 different FX pairs or CFDs on stock indices that have been around for 15 years under several regulatory licenses worldwide.

4. XM Markets

With the XM Market, anyone can trade Forex and CFD both on any computer or smartphone with the Metatrader 5 downloaded. 

Customer support is available 24/5 for live help without keeping waiting. And the video tutorial library that the broker introduces in free access will help traders to understand the trading subtleties.

5. IC Markets

This well-respected brokerage company offers a great selection of trading platforms including the Metatrader 5. They also offer free education and 24/7 customer support. Anyone can choose between spread-based accounts and raw spread accounts, as well as various instruments to trade with IC Markets. 


The MT5 trading platform is a popular choice for traders all over the world. Its wide range of features and customization options make it an attractive choice for those looking to trade forex, stocks, indices, or other instruments.  

You can always make a choice between the brokers we included in our list or do your own research and find the one who matches your ideas. 

Just take the risk and start trading!

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