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Working from home is often not as easy as you think. After all, being at home is usually not associated with work, but rather with relaxation and your private life. So getting into the implementation requires significantly more willpower, especially at the beginning, than when you are at your desk in the office. Also, you can visit our site; at first, you must register and try to bet with a betting app in kenya.

Another factor is that you are suddenly on your own and are not given tasks with specific deadlines. The danger here is to always devote yourself to the easy and actually less important tasks, while pushing the big to-do’s further and further in front of you. This also happens when you always focus on the huge, seemingly unattainable end goal and ignore the corresponding intermediate goals. If you break each goal into its individual components, you quickly realize that the goal is not that difficult to achieve after all. Almost any goal can be achieved with this simple exercise:

Step 1: The big goal

First of all, of course, you should decide on a path and set the corresponding big goal. This could be the following, for example: I would like to start a business as a part-time job and quit my main job in the next two years.

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Step 2: What do I need for this?

Now you can find out exactly what you need in order to theoretically be able to achieve the goal. The first prerequisite for the goal just mentioned would be a business model with which you can earn enough in two years to quit your main job. A very good possibility is, e.g., selling your own products on Amazon. The second requirement is a business registration, without which one cannot form a company at all.

Step 3: Commitment

If you’re not really motivated because the goal might seem too big, a commitment helps. This is the conscious decision to do it and to take the first step directly, i.e., now. In this case, that would be calling the trade office or making an appointment online.

Step 4: Break down goals

As soon as one deals more closely with the topic, many tasks and work steps arise thatem weren’t even aware of before. This often has a demotivating effect, especially at the very beginning. The trick is to only look at the next step and break it down into its components. So if you decide on a company, the next step after registering your business is the tax registration form. This to-do is now broken down into its components (you can always Google unclear points).

  • Go to the tax office (or make an appointment).
  • Find phone number
  • Call and ask to make an appointment.
  • Prepare information (to-do’s resulting from research).
  • Small business regulation: yes or no?
  • Sales estimate for the first two years
  • Earnings estimate for the first two years

In an employment relationship, you are given deadlines for goals to be achieved, which must be met. Since you work for someone else here and can also be terminated by this person, you naturally meet these deadlines. At home or when you are self-employed, it is more likely that you will set about random tasks and ignore the important goals or drag them out. That’s why you should also set deadlines at home and really stick to them.

Why is that so important? Completing a task usually takes just as long as the time allotted for it. Most people probably encountered this phenomenon at school or university. It doesn’t matter whether you had a month or two weeks for the same task, most of the time the submission is completed exactly in this time frame. So if you set shorter deadlines, you will reach your goal faster!

You can reward or punish yourself to meet these deadlines. A trick to avoid swindling yourself is to get someone else involved. For example, you could say you invite someone else to dinner if you don’t reach a certain goal. Of course, this is only punishing if you actually need the money for something else. On the other hand, if you achieve a goal, you can reward yourself with something that you have previously set.

Tip: It is best to sit down at the beginning of each month and work out the goals that are to be achieved in the coming month. Here It is best to sit down at the beginning of each month and work out the goals that are to be achieved in the coming month. Here again, according to the above principle, For example, you choose 1-4 larger goals and break them down into smaller weekly goals that ultimately lead to the big goal. The weekly goals result in to-do’s for each day, and at the end, you automatically arrive at the big monthly goal. A short example:

Monthly Goal: Order for a physical Amazon FBA product

Week: Product research is finished

  • Monday: Familiarization and download of product research tools
  • Tuesday: 3 hours of research using Method A
  • Wednesday: 3 hours of research using Method B
  • Thursday: Found 20 products? sort list
  • Friday: Make decision for product

Week: Start product development

  • Monday: Certificate and patent research
  • Tuesday: Competitor Analysis and Samples
  • Wednesday: Create USPs Thursday: Work out the product
  • Friday: Brainstorm the logo + order EAN codes

This is a heavily compressed example.


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