Infinix NOTE 30 to feature JBL Sound and Fast Wireless Charging

Infinix has announced an exciting collaboration with HARMAN’s renowned audio and technology brand, JBL. This partnership aims to bring Sound by JBL audio excellence to the highly anticipated next generation of Infinix’s NOTE Series. The upcoming Infinix NOTE 30 Series is expected to hit the market in the coming weeks, offering users a superior audio experience and the convenience of wireless charging.

Infinix NOTE 30 Wireless charging:

One of the key features of the Infinix NOTE 30 Series will be its wireless charging capability. The company’s All-Round FastCharge technology will power the devices, supporting impressive charging speeds. Information suggests that the phones will be equipped with All-Round FastCharge, which boasts wired charging speeds of up to 260W and wireless speeds of up to 110W.

We are expecting a couple of devices in the series, and it seems only the top of the line device will have the impressive numbers quoted above. It will also support reverse wireless charging, although we don’t as of now know what speeds to expect with that.

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The other midrangers will also seemingly support wireless charging, though much slower than the top trim device. However, reportedly, they will be under $300 in price, and that’s a sweet spot to get both fast and wireless charging.

All-Round FastCharge technology not only focuses on speed but also incorporates additional features such as bypass charging, which disconnects the battery once it reaches full charge, allowing the phone to run on electricity directly from the charger. The technology is compatible with industry-standard protocols like USB Power Delivery 3.0 and even supports reverse charging. To ensure battery longevity, the system actively keeps the temperature low and supports intelligent night charging.

Infinix NOTE 30 to feature JBL Sound and Fast Wireless Charging

JBL Sound on the Infinix NOTE 30:

With the collaboration between Infinix and JBL, users can anticipate an enhanced audio experience on the upcoming NOTE 30 Series. The two companies worked closely together, optimizing the software system of the new generation devices. The software processing within the Note 30 Series was meticulously fine-tuned to deliver JBL’s signature sound, ensuring a well-balanced mid-range, rich bass, and faithful sound reproduction.

By incorporating JBL’s advanced audio processing technology, the new Note Series with Sound by JBL will provide users with an unparalleled audio experience. The devices will offer distortion-free volume, deeper bass, and JBL’s renowned sound quality, enhancing the enjoyment of music and video content. This collaboration demonstrates Infinix and JBL’s joint commitment to delivering innovative products with superior sound quality.

Roumu Hu, Vice President and General Manager of HARMAN Embedded Audio, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “The JBL brand is all about delivering the fullest sound experience, and we are therefore extremely proud to collaborate with the Infinix team to deliver superior audio through Sound by JBL. Rooted in a shared passion for sound, we know the Infinix team is committed to audio excellence in their mobile devices, and we will continue to work together bringing upgraded sound quality to more consumers as we look forward to deepening our cooperation with Infinix for more product development.”

Devices to expect:

According to GSMArena, there will be the following devices in the series:

  1. Infinix Note 30 Pro
  2. Infinix Note 30 VIP
  3. Infinix Note 30 5G
  4. Infinix NOTE 30 4G version

As the release date approaches, consumers eagerly await the launch of the Infinix NOTE 30 Series, which promises an immersive audio experience with Sound by JBL, coupled with the convenience of wireless charging. Stay tuned for more updates on the release date and additional features of this highly anticipated smartphone series.



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