John-Allan Namu’s True-Crime Documentary “The Last Door” Debuts on Showmax

Kenyan Investigative Journalist Explores Infamous Crimes in New Documentary Series

John-Allan Namu, the renowned Kenyan investigative journalist, has unveiled his latest project, “The Last Door,” a groundbreaking true-crime documentary series that delves into the mysteries surrounding infamous crimes in Kenya. This gripping series, now available for streaming on Showmax, marks a significant milestone as Kenya’s first-ever true-crime documentary.

Namu, a fearless journalist known for exposing political scandals and unearthing hidden truths, serves as both the creator and executive producer of “The Last Door.” He also narrates the series, bringing his extensive investigative skills to the forefront in an effort to shed light on unsolved cases that have haunted the nation.

Speaking about the series, Namu emphasized the importance of each story featured in “The Last Door.” He said, “Every story in the series is important to me because [I hope] it will get the audience asking questions about deaths that they have felt are/were unresolved, and give the public answers to the questions they have about the crimes that we feature.”

The documentary series aims not only to uncover hidden truths but also to provide closure to those affected by the crimes featured. Namu’s dedication to presenting these stories with sensitivity and respect is evident in his approach to interviewing the families of victims. He acknowledged that witnessing the emotional pain of these families was one of the most challenging aspects of producing the series.

Namu revealed that “The Last Door” had been a long-cherished idea that he had nurtured for years before deciding to bring it to life on screen. The extensive research required for each episode, combined with the complexities of obtaining permissions and filming, made the journey to creating the series an arduous but necessary one.

The series kicks off with its first episode, “The Death of an Heiress,” in which Namu investigates the mysterious death of Tecra Muigai, a Keroche heiress. The episode includes interviews with key figures, including Tecra’s sister Anerlisa Muigai and her mother Tabitha Karanja, Nakuru Senator and CEO of Keroche Breweries.

Throughout the eight-part series, Namu explores a range of cases, from the River Yala murders to the tragic deaths of the Kianjokoma brothers. However, the story that holds a special place in his heart is that of Naneu Muthoni’s murder, which unfolded while production was underway. Namu spoke of the humbling experience of working with the victim’s family, who showed remarkable openness and resilience in the face of such tragedy.

“The Last Door” isn’t Namu’s first venture into documentary filmmaking that exposes societal issues. In 2020, he and his team released “Maisha Mkanda,” another investigative documentary series that is also available on Showmax. The series was acclaimed and received the Best TV Documentary award at the Kalasha Awards 2020 for its episode titled “Road to Trauma.”

Showmax continues to expand its library of African true-crime documentaries, offering viewers compelling narratives that explore the darker side of human nature. Some of the titles available include “Rosemary’s Hitlist,” which delves into the story of South African cop turned serial killer Rosemary Ndlovu; “Devilsdorp,” a chilling exploration of a series of brutal murders in South Africa’s Krugersdorp tied to a bizarre cult; “Steinheist,” an exposé of the largest corporate scam in South Africa’s history; and the upcoming “Boetie Boer,” an 18+ documentary that promises to take viewers inside the mind of South African serial killer Stewart Wilken.

As “The Last Door” takes its place among these gripping true-crime documentaries, it promises to captivate audiences and shed light on some of Kenya’s most compelling unsolved mysteries. John-Allan Namu’s commitment to investigative journalism and his passion for uncovering the truth continue to shine through in this groundbreaking series.


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