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Latitude59 comes to Africa with Nairobi Edition Scheduled for December 6

Latitude59 is coming to Africa with a Nairobi edition set to be held on December 6, 2023. This significant event, marking the first time Europe’s premier startup and tech conference will take place on the continent, is generating immense excitement within Kenya’s dynamic digital startup community.

For 11 years, Latitude59 has been a pivotal force in the European startup space, fostering digital innovation and propelling startups onto the world stage. Liisi Org, CEO of Latitude59, emphasizes the event’s mission: “to create a better world through technology and innovation.” Org highlights Africa’s growing significance in the global digital startup space, noting the continent’s “explosion of energy and massive growth.”

Kenya, in particular, stands out as a leader in this arena. With its mobile-first society, a young, connected, and digitally savvy population, the country is poised to drive economic prosperity and societal change. Liisi Org acknowledges the differences in challenges faced by the African and European startup communities but underscores the shared pursuit of creative solutions to economic, environmental, and societal challenges.

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The Latitude59 Kenya Edition is more than just a networking event. It’s a platform connecting the Estonian and Kenyan startup ecosystems, fostering open dialogue, knowledge sharing, and relationship building among stakeholders.

A key highlight of the event is the Latitude59 Pitch Competition, offering a €100,000 investment and a spot in the Startup Wise Guys accelerator program. Winners will also compete in the main event in Estonia in May 2024. Petra Wolkenstein, General Partner of Estonia’s Startup Wise Guys Africa fund, emphasizes the importance of creating opportunities for startups to connect with trusted partners for sustainable business growth.

Admirals, an Estonian-based global online trading and investment platform, has been instrumental in bringing this event to Kenya. Boriss Gubaidulin, Admirals’ Director for the African region, speaks of the intensifying economic and trade relations between Estonia and African countries. He notes the increasing commitment to innovation and the implementation of supportive policies in Kenya, positioning the country as a leading tech nation in Africa.

The event also features discussions on critical issues like access to finance, digitalization, sustainability, and logistics. A panel on “Bridging the Gap in Financial Inclusion” will delve into digital finance’s role in fostering financial inclusivity across the continent.

Latitude59 Kenya Edition, a landmark event, not only celebrates the achievements of the Kenyan digital startup community but also lays the groundwork for future collaborations and innovations in the African and global tech ecosystems.

The event, taking place at the Sarit Expo Centre in Nairobi, invites stakeholders from across the African digital and startup ecosystem to be part of this transformative journey. For more information, visit


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